Findings Of Our Predictive Intelligence Webinar Survey


Thank you to everyone who joined us for Wednesday’s “How can you use predictive intelligence to target the right buyers and close more deals?” webinar, led by Matt Heinz and 6sense’s own Amanda Kahlow. Weren’t able to attend? Here’s a recap of the major findings from the survey we conducted during the webinar. You can also view the recorded webinar here. 

Net-new is so hot right now.

92% of our survey respondents listed net-new leads as being “very important” to achieving their sales pipeline. And with 60-90% of all buyers making their purchase decisions before being siphoned into a sales pipeline, we understand how critical it is to get to those unknown contacts and accounts early. However, net-new lead capture remains a head-scratcher for most. Net-new is one of the key features 6sense customers want the most. We’re helping them to predict and identify those elusive prospects before they raise their hand.

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The biggest pain point in the sales funnel is…the entire sales funnel.

Depending on your role within an organization, you tend to have different priorities within the sales funnel. Sales, for example, is typically hyper-focused on the bottom of the funnel, where deals are nurtured through to close. Interestingly, our audience poll revealed that 55% of respondents are concerned about the entire sales funnel, including increasing both lead volume and lead quality (more on this shortly), bringing new clients into the funnel (top of funnel), and prioritizing known leads. What we believe we’re seeing is that as organizations increasingly drive the alignment of sales and marketing teams, different roles and functions within the organization begin to comprehend the value of and integration between each stage of the funnel. Indeed, even the activity in “awareness” impacts close rates.

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Account-based marketing (ABM) practice is lagging.

The majority of folks who joined us were representing B2B companies. So we were surprised to see only 31% of respondents claiming to use ABM in their work. B2B and not using ABM? Get up to speed on the value of ABM here, or skip to slide 16 in the webinar.

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Everyone’s struggling with low MQL-to-SQL conversion rates. (And now you can do something about it.)

77% of our survey respondents are facing low marketing-to-sales lead conversion rates. While not a new problem, what’s changed is our ability to rectify the issue. By combining and analyzing massive quantities of behavioral and attribute data, predictive intelligence helps marketing focus their outreach and nurture efforts on leads which are highly likely to buy. In the end, qualified leads are handed over to sales, reducing time-to-close, among other major benefits. (Psst, those of you in the 31%: come talk to us, we’ve got some ideas).

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Interested in viewing a recording of the webinar? Access the link here.


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