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My journey to 6sense dated back approximately ten years ago when I first met Amanda as a colleague at Visual Sciences, a web analytics company. She impressed me with her passion for learning and desire to have her customers benefit from her knowledge. Her actions were linked always to her goal of making customers successful. She was vocal about customer issues, building better analysis, and new features on the platform. Her intellectual flexibility often led to novel approaches to display clever visualizations or expose gems in customer’s data. The engine that drove her flexibility had been her ability to embrace mistakes by accepting, learning, and then building strength from them. Her drive, fueled by endless optimism, extended to her team, making her this unique individual I enjoyed collaborating with and respected. Amanda’s infectious ingenuity captivated customers and colleagues alike.

We continued to keep in touch throughout the years, even as I’ve moved onto leading teams at Adobe, and Amanda to her own consulting firm. Two years ago, with a new focus on B2B predictive analytics, Amanda proposed we become colleagues once more. For over 20 years, I had worked many technologies from client/server applications, dotcom ecommerce platform, to web and customer analytics. I knew B2B predictive was uncharted territory and, at that time, did not have a dominant player. I could not think of a better person to partner with than Amanda. We embarked on this journey once again as colleagues with the personality and drive to win.

In our initial efforts to secure VC funding, Amanda impressed me once again, this time, with the strength in character she had built through her years as an entrepreneur. Over a grueling 11-month process of pitching our solution, being turned down, and re-tweaking and re-pitching our presentations, she never wavered and kept the same level of intensity with every VC meeting. Our effort was rewarded with the addition of Viral and the Hulu family into our team. We became 6sense and obtained our first round of VC funding! This first round propelled us to build the core 6sense platform, which fed the drive that led to the second round of funding from Bain. This new round from Bain validates 6sense’s presence in the market, and prepares us for the next phase in our company’s roadmap: to secure the talented people needed to scale, continue to innovate and build new, exciting features into our product to support the success of our customers!

The 6sense employees define our company culture. We are a mixed bag of eclectic individuals who collectively bring about something magical. Each of us offers a unique perspective to a problem, leading to well-formulated solutions in such discussions. We are respectful of everyone’s contributions even when we are not in agreement, which at times brings out the best in our work. We understand the importance of our work. We are accountable for our work. We hold ourselves responsible for our commitments. We follow through on our agreements. We work hard and play even harder. We realize there is fun in work, especially work that helps our customers succeed. This caliber of people makes working at 6sense very rewarding.

6sense is uniquely positioned in the B2B predictive market. Our solution integrates thousands of B2B publishers, forums, and searches, and then ties these signals to each company’s internal digital assets to show intent buying behavior and identify such companies in the various part of the purchase funnel. Our solution takes a set of complicated inputs, distills the data, and generates a set of simple results to the marketing/sales team. We are in the forefront of the B2B predictive intelligence, and we continue to evolve our platform to always meet the anticipated demands of our customers.

I’m privileged to be on our services team, where I witness first hand our customers’ success thru the use of our solution. To witness the joy of our customers’ initial reaction, when they realize the accuracy of 6sense results, is truly amazing. We take the guesswork out of their former process of identifying the right accounts/contacts to pass on to sales or to nurture. We are returning valuable time to the customer teams so that they can focus on marketing and sales.

The leadership in 6sense always welcomes new ideas and challenges each individual. By setting high standards, we expect that everyone deliver quality work. This drive is the makeup of the people we hire across engineering, data science, and services. Our customers demand excellence from 6sense, so we demand excellence from ourselves. Amada and I met ten years ago with our focus on helping customer succeed. As long as we stay on this course, 6sense will have longevity in the B2B predictive analytic space.

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