Deus Ex Machina? The Future of Artificial Intelligence and Machine-Learning

Will artificial intelligence (AI) and machine-learning make certain jobs redundant? It might sound like science fiction, but many industry observers are actually concerned, according to a recent article in the The Independent. A report from Oxford stated that, “there was a risk that computers could take over human jobs ‘at a faster rate than new jobs could be generated.’”

The idea of machines taking over feels like science fiction until you start to consider what machines do better than humans and how removing mundane tasks from our day or our work will allow us sentient beings to be even more creative or take on new roles yet to be imagined.

Think of all the “little” efforts we already know about – recommendation engines, voice recognition, Google maps – that depend on algorithms to predict what to do or where to go. Even bigger gains will be realized in industries that require data processing and predictive technologies on a massive scale – diverse domains like risk management, genetics and certainly advertising and marketing.

Artificial intelligence depends on algorithms and machine learning to collect, analyze, and in some cases, perform actions from the massive amounts of data continually ingested into the various processing systems. It’s not just big data, but small data as well, which can be equally useful for recommending actions or even taking actions (think drones, driverless cars, missile deployments). Think of AI as the brain, and machine-learning as the brawn with the capacity to move thousands of times faster, improve processes and efficiencies over time. What human can do that?

It’s not whether these technologies will impact our business and culture, it’s already happening. And it’s worth a lot of money. MIT Technology Review recently reported that Google’s recent purchase of DeepMind Technologies, a company of 12 researchers, totaled $400 million. And Amazon, Microsoft and Facebook are supposedly on the prowl for acquisitions as well. These companies are looking for opportunities to build new products and improve current ones with faster, smarter technology.

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