Dell’s Perspective on Content in an ABM World

Back in 2016, the former SVP of Marketing at Dell, Gaurav Chand, made some interesting points at Dell EMC World 2016, regarding how data is changing the way companies think about content. Fast-forward to 2018, this remains a topic of discussion and a struggle for many enterprise companies.

Most companies are just getting started in how they grapple with such changes and prepare for an ABM-at-scale approach when identifying the right personas and selling to buying committees. For companies in this stage, it is imperative to understand the shift and how to adapt.

In the video, Gaurav makes the following key points:

“Think about the simple notion of a business user, technology marketing has never talked to a business user.” Stepping away from traditional marketing, ABM involves a deeper knowledge of your target audience and personalizing your content appropriately; this point is further supported in this article on MarketingProfs, which reinforces that it’s critical to match your marketing efforts to the intended audience in order to reap the benefits of ABM. Gaurav tackles the first step by identifying that very gap: we often reach out to the C-levels in tech organizations assuming they are the ones responsible for the final decision, without realizing that the actual business user might be sitting outside of IT in a different department altogether. How do you then go about finding that right person or group of people? This bleeds into his next point:

“Now, we’ve got to think about how to mine the right data, how to get the right contacts, how to work with the right companies that can get you that kind of information, and then go reach out to the direct business user.” With the vast amount of data unseen to the public eye, it would be unwise to ignore this untapped opportunity. The biggest hurdle in all of this, however, is obtaining this data and extracting insights from it. Knowing who is doing first or third-party research on your organization, which contacts that are currently not in your database are searching for your product, or who is searching for your competitors and not you; these are only a few instances in which you can uncover engagement and interest that lies beneath the surface level of your data. Unveiling this information is key to strengthening your ABM strategy, as you can now know which accounts of yours are building interest, find out who to reach, and then personalize your marketing approach accordingly.

Gaurav mentions that while we face these challenges, the technology around understanding and analyzing this data has advanced at a considerably rapid rate. “We’re getting a lot more sophisticated around tracking and people’s search patterns…We’re getting this rich information. The onus then comes specifically on us to produce the right set of content.” Having insight into this data opens a whole new portal for building an ABM strategy and focusing your efforts on the accounts with active interest and engagement. You are now able to segment your audience and enhance your current database with new, more involved contacts for whom you can create targeted content. Cutting past the surface level of your data and extracting key information is what will drive forward your ABM capabilities and enable you to rethink how and to whom you shape your content.

In an ABM world, personalization is the crux of the matter. It’s no secret that the right content will trigger the right response, generating far more interest, engagement and trust from prospects than even the creators realize. If you can figure out who to tailor your content to, then you are already halfway down the road to victory. The hard part, parsing through data and obtaining the key insights, has already been done. It’s now on your sales and marketing teams to bring it home and supercharge your ABM strategy!

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