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The premier predictive intelligence summit, B2B ESP is one week away! As a continuation of our latest blog series, we took the pulse of the current state of personalization, the buyer lifecycle and audience targeting from conference speakers. Our second post in this series highlights ideas from thought leaders at BlueJeans Network, DWA and Oracle.

As leading voices in B2B sales and marketing, the influencers below share the insights and strategies that drive their approach to building the revenue engines at their companies. DWA President Bob Ray hit the nail on the head about the shifting B2B landscape when he says: “Data is the currency for business in the new digital world.”

  • What is the importance of data to your marketing and sales strategies?
    • Mike Mansbach: Data is critical to our marketing and sales strategies. It ensures that our efforts are progressing towards the goals we set and allows us to effectively measure outcomes. But most importantly of all, it gives us the freedom to try new tactics and explore alternate theories with confidence.
    • Bob Ray: As an agency partner, we believe that data is the essential ingredient to inform strategies and ideas, as well as identify and prioritize targets and investments to drive the highest ROI for customer acquisition and retention. Data is the currency for business in the new digital world.
    • Cory Treffiletti: Our company aggregates, connects and sells the world’s largest collection of data including the largest set of B2B data assets, so we use our own services to help us in the targeting and personalization of our messages to the target audience we speak to, which is other marketers – both B2B and B2C. It’s important that we act as practitioners of the services we offer as well as the marketers helping to tell the story.
  • How do you think the world of B2B marketing is changing today?
    • Mike Mansbach: B2B marketing has historically focused exclusively on the C-suite or other senior-level executives, but that tactic is changing. Research shows that 80% of non-C-suiters have a say in purchase decisions. B2B businesses need to consider both audiences when building out their marketing strategies.
    • Bob Ray: Digital has created an opportunity for marketing to be more accountable. For B2B, this means that marketing can now provide evidence to what investments to make at each stage in a consider purchase journey. We are in a new world of less theory and more proof of delivery.
    • Cory Treffiletti: B2B marketing is getting sexy! For far too long B2B marketing was looked at as mundane, stagnant and very focused on speeds and feeds – all tech talk. In recent years, and through the utilization of more traditional B2C-focused tactics like audience targeting and insights and creative storytelling, B2B marketers have realized their audience is also a consumer and the same kinds of tactics can work in a B2B setting. Differentiating a brand on an emotional connection more than just a glorified product marketing message can resonate and help build loyalty through the application of a brand character and resonance.
  • What excites you about predictive intelligence? What promise do you think it holds for B2B marketing and sales?
    • Mike Mansbach: Predictive intelligence is the next step in audience targeting. Now we can go beyond demographic information alone and get ahead of people as they progress through the buying process. We can meet customers where they are and provide information that is useful to them in that moment. It also enables B2B businesses to better use and allocate budget by leveraging actionable data.
    • Bob Ray: Predictive intelligence is everything. The gold standard for marketing will be to advertise to businesses and consumers when they have an expressed desire or intent. This means a brand’s advertising creates value for customers rather than a nuisance resulting in a meaningful improvement in brand impression.
    • Cory Treffiletti: To be honest, I chuckle a little bit when people use words like “predictive intelligence” to describe modern marketing. All marketing is predictive and requires intelligence, but until the last couple of years most marketers lacked the tools to harness the insights available to them through data. The smart marketers are learning how to harness data to create personas that align with stages of the customer journey rather than personas that one-dimensionalize the target. Your audience is dynamic and their desires change over time, so understanding where they are in the customer journey and what message may resonate better with them during those different stages is important. That hypothesis to strategy to execution is predictive intelligence.

Interested in learning more? Check out the full speaker agenda and register now for B2B ESP 2016 on July 14 at the Four Seasons! Don’t miss Bob Ray on a panel at 2:00 to discuss the ways digital and data are reshaping B2B companies by redefining the roles, responsibilities and relationships of marketing and sales. Following the panel, Mike Mansbach will take the stage to dive into how the BlueJeans Network and 6sense partnership has grown pipeline by 2x, found 2.5x greater opportunity values and increased sales productivity by 3x. Cory Treffiletti will then join fellow marketing leaders on a panel to discuss the future of leadership and the evolving role of the CMO.

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