Cumulus Moves From Several Disparate Tools to One Unified Platform

When Rebecca Mendenhall, Sr. Manager of Demand Generation at Cumulus Networks, and her team crossed paths with 6sense, they were well-versed in the account-based way of life. In fact, Cumulus had started their ABM journey back in 2017. But like most revenue teams, Cumulus was trying to build a comprehensive ABM strategy by piecing together disparate tools and platforms.

In the Dark

As an industry leader in flexible data center networking, it is critical for Cumulus to be marketing to the right buyers to ensure optimal product-market fit. Prior to adopting an ABM mindset, Rebecca described their strategy as mostly “spray and pray,” attempting to collect as many leads as possible, regardless of fit, in hopes that it would result in more deals closing at the bottom of the funnel. To pivot to ABM, Cumulus brought on disparate tools for a makeshift solution that met their display, fit, and intent data wish list.  

“Investing in technology to do ABM means you can free up your people resources to be super creative in how you go after the target accounts,” Rebecca said.

However, resources can turn from helpful hubs to efficiency killers when teams are wrangling data across multiple systems to try to get even a glimpse of the full ABM picture. Rebecca and her team soon realized they wanted one tool that could satisfy their ABM needs in one central location.



Seeing the Full Picture

Cumulus brought on 6sense as a real-time solution that provides visibility across all their marketing and sales systems. With 6sense, Rebecca and her team are getting the display, fit, and intent functionalities they originally sought, but now live together in a unified platform.

Instead of managing multiple platforms with separate interfaces, Cumulus uses 6sense to get a holistic picture of their marketing and sales pipelines, so they can make the right decisions at the right time. The team leverages historical account data to determine which potential accounts to pursue, website data to understand who’s visiting their site, and third-party intent data to see which accounts are signaling an in-market status.

“Having all three of those [features] is really important to us from a programming perspective as well as a sales perspective,” Rebecca explained.

An Inside Look

Cumulus uses the 6sense sales intelligence tool for two primary use cases: target account list building and marketing qualified leads. The platform enables the sales team to see where the account is in the purchase cycle, which campaigns an account has engaged with previously, and determine the best buyer to reach out to. On the marketing front, the team can qualify leads based on the buyer’s demographics and historical behavior. When a salesperson runs out of MQLs, they turn to 6sense to prioritize other leads that are showing signs of being in market but may not have reached formal MQL status.

Before 6sense, Rebecca and her team did not consider the possibility of even measuring display ads, let alone leveraging data from ad impressions to determine intent. Now, the team can directly attribute website activity to campaigns they have run through the 6sense platform.  

“In marketing, you’re always trying to prove that what you’re doing is making a difference,” Rebecca said. With 6sense in-tow, consider that difference proven.

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