Content2Conversion – Predictive Marketing and Demand Generation


Next week the 6sense team is packing our bags and heading to Scottsdale, Arizona for the B2B Content2Conversion conference. We’re excited for 3 days of sharing insights and learning how the best in the business use analytics and marketing technology to create powerful content that drives demand and delivers on revenue.

6sense is proud to be a part of 4 sessions at the B2B C2C conference and we’d love for you to join us:

  1. Preparing for Predictive Analytics Workshop

Monday, February 15 at 11am MT

Cari Baldwin, Founding Partner of BlueBird Strategies and Amanda Kahlow, founder and CEO of 6sense will take a group of marketers through an in depth training of launching your predictive intelligence efforts to:

  • Drive content and messaging strategy
  • Inform media campaigns and investments
  • Prioritize in-market leads for delivery to sales
  • Triage follow up for your sales development teams
  1. New Approaches to Lead Nurturing

Tuesday, February 15TH at 10:30am MT

Michael Ballard, Senior Manager of Digital Marketing at Lenovo dives into the challenging topic of lead nurturing. While most companies are capable of creating top-of-funnel and point-of-sale content, few have succeeded in creating messaging that accelerates prospects through the sales funnel. Michael will discuss how Lenovo:

  • Uses predictive intelligence insight to create relevant content for every part of the buyer’s journey
  • Leverages intent signals to target the right accounts and individuals with the right messaging
  • Incorporates campaign results into future content marketing planning
  1. Planning Content Campaigns from Concept to Click

Wednesday, February 17th at 2pm MT

Heather Berggren, Global Demand Generation Manger for the Dell Enterprise Solutions Group will discuss how a modern content and demand generation engine works to build pipeline for a Fortune 500 company. Heather will cover how analytics and marketing technology allows Dell to execute on team alignment and campaign optimization. You’ll learn how Dell:

  • Does campaign planning across channels
  • Uses marketing tech to gain insights into the behavior of target audiences
  • Tracks results and engagement for specific ABM offers
  • Incorporates predictive into their vision of the future
  1. Predictive Intelligence from Rollout to Revenue

Wednesday, February 17th at 3:40pm PT

Sean Beierly, Associate Data Scientist and Marketing Manager at Cisco will be joined by Amanda Kahlow, founder and CEO of 6sense as they discuss how enterprise and mid-market B2B companies can implement predictive intelligence for B2B marketing and sales. The focus of this presentation will be on the path Cisco followed to their successful implementation of predictive intelligence:

  • What is predictive intelligence and how it works
  • How Cisco created a staged rollout plan for predictive intelligence
  • The implementation examples Cisco has executed
  • The ROI Cisco has seen from their predictive intelligence investment
  • What’s next for Cisco and their analytics

If you’re attending C2C, stop by booth #36! If you aren’t attending this year but want to talk please reach out to set up a conversation to discuss your company’s ability to leverage predictive intelligence.

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