Collision conference: a big data tipping point is nigh

This week in Las Vegas, one of the hottest topics among both speakers and attendees was big data and what businesses will do with it in the coming years.

Bloomreach’s Mike Cassady reports on predictions from B2B experts including 6sense CEO & founder Amanda Kahlow, Rocket Fuel president Richard Frankel, and Narrative Science CEO Stuart Frankel in this recap post from the conference.

What do businesses have to look forward to in terms of big data use?

“Five years ago, people were investing in the back end technology. Today, it’s all about the applications. How do we use this data to drive something forward? And how do we use it to get measurable results?”

-Amanda Kahlow, 6sense

“For marketers, the job is changing. Now, with all the technology that’s come along, all the assumptions of how much data could be used and how fast it could be used have gone out the window.”

-Richard Frankel, Rocket Fuel

“Data is moving through an evolution that is familiar in the world of technology.”

-Mike Cassidy, BloomReach

“It turns out the collecting of the data and the aggregating of data is ultimately one step and the first step in what I think will be many…we can now make better decisions.”

-Stuart Frankel, Narrative Science


To read the full recap, visit the BloomReach blog.

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