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B2B ESP has finally arrived! The premier predictive intelligence summit of the year is tomorrow and we can’t wait to hear from some of the greatest minds in modern marketing and sales! As the final installment in our speaker blog series, we took the pulse of the current state of content creation, intent data and the overlap between B2B and B2C marketing from conference speakers. Our third post in this series highlights ideas from thought leaders at Brandscaping, Dell and Madison Logic.

As the leading voices in B2B sales and marketing, the influencers below share the insights and strategies that drive their approach to building the revenue engines at their companies. Dell Marketing Innovation Strategist Jeff Siegel summed it up best when he says: “B2B marketing has looked over the wall at B2C and started to borrow some of their best practices and data-driven systems to adapt them to our new reality – this has led to a burst of innovation for us, introducing a bevy of new tools, strategies and data to enable us to continue to do what we do – connect and inform the customer.”

  • What is the importance of data to your marketing and sales strategies?
    • Andrew Davis: With all the data available to sales and marketing teams today we can easily get overwhelmed. While I’m a huge proponent of using data to inform your marketing and sales initiatives, I like to focus on understanding and leveraging one big data point at a time. Simplifying your approach on a regular basis makes the data you use much more effective.
    • Jeff Siegel: Data is a crucial component of our marketing and sales strategies. Dell has invested heavily on the value of data and the concept of data-driven performance marketing for several years, and as we marketers continue to evolve, data is becoming more and more central to all of our strategies. There’s still a long way to go, and reams of new data to ingest and a constant stream of new approaches, but data is here to stay, and it’s the cornerstone of a good marketing and sales organization in today’s B2B world. New systems like 6sense help us realize the actual value of this data, enabling us to derive actionable intelligence that enhances our ability to engage with our customers.
    • Tom O’Regan: Data is essential for performance and relevance. The vast amount of information currently in the market can overwhelm prospects and data can help marketing efforts to reach the right person at the right time with the right message
  • How do you think the world of B2B marketing is changing today?
    • Andrew Davis: The lines between B2B and B2C marketing are blurring more and more every day. Some of the most effective B2B marketers I’ve encountered have transitioned from selling companies to selling to people. This is one of the largest shifts in B2B marketing in the last decade.
    • Jeff Siegel: Ultimately, B2B is still all about the customer. It’s about the way we inform and engage with our buyers to engender a long, complex relationship that drives a purchase decision; however, the customer has changed, it’s still relationship based, but it’s more on a self-serve model, engagement and relevancy are critical in a journey where the sales rep and your company have a smaller voice. To respond to this new challenge, B2B marketing is becoming smarter – we are rallying around more strategic approaches, we’re empowering ourselves with deeper insights from data, we’re arming our marketers with new tactics and tools, and we’re more focused on the actual performance of marketing and its impact to the business. B2B marketing has looked over the wall at B2C and started to borrow some of their best practices and data-driven systems to adapt them to our new reality – this has led to a burst of innovation for us, introducing a bevy of new tools, strategies and data to enable us to continue to do what we do – connect and inform the customer.
    • Tom O’Regan: Data, data, data…from content creation to delivery. The millennials are changing the way content is consumed to smaller, digestible segments (video, native, infographics etc.) and social interactions.
  • What excites you about predictive intelligence? What promise do you think it holds for B2B marketing and sales?
    • Andrew Davis: For me, predictive intelligence holds the promise of helping me time my sales and marketing communications to be much more effective, timely and relevant. Predictive technology allows me to focus on the message and the people more than the data – and for me – that’s an amazing advance!
    • Jeff Siegel: Predictive intelligence is the first major opportunity for B2B to realize the promise of big data in an actionable way. There is a wide array of predictive systems out there, but the one that I’m particularly excited about are the truly intent-based options. Intent-based predictive is predicated on leveraging massive amounts of observed in-market behavior and using it to determine which customers are active and where they are in their buyer’s journey. Armed with this information, marketing and sales are able to engage with customers in more dynamic ways – we’re able to finally adapt to the customer across the entire tactical stack with more precise targeting approaches and the ability to better align our messages and vehicles to a customer’s displayed needs.
    • Tom O’Regan: The ability to identify prospects quickly and accurately gives marketers the intelligence they need to provide prospects with relevant information. This precise information flow leads to better communication and improved ROI.

Interested in learning more? Check out the full speaker agenda and register now for B2B ESP 2016 tomorrow at the Four Seasons! Andrew Davis will be kicking off the day at 8:20 am with his keynote on how smart brands convert browsers into buyers. Then join Jeff Siegel at 3:30 pm to learn about the various paths Dell is taking to realize the true promise of predictive intent data by activating across their entire marketing and sales stack with 6sense. Finally, Tom O’Regan will join fellow media executives at 4:30 pm to discuss how predictive intelligence and marketing technology are creating a new era of media and account-based marketing.

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