B2B Sales Crystal Ball: Thought Leaders Weigh In On The Biggest Trends Of 2015


In part 2 of our “Crystal Ball: Predictions For 2015” series, we connected with leaders in B2B sales and asked them what they thought would be the biggest B2B sales trend of 2015.

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Craig Rosenberg, Co-Founder, TOPO

I think we have reached phase 2 of the Sales 2.0 movement. Early on in the movement, the early adopters got a bunch of applications…some added value, some didn’t. Bottom line, adoption was sub-optimal and as a result, so was ROI. We have settled in now. Sales gets the need for technology to compete and they know how to buy and implement it. A true rise of the machines has happened and 2015 will be a manifestation of this.

 Joe Galvin, Chief Research Officer, Miller Heiman

Funnel confidence. Driving confidence in funnel data by ensuring accuracy of the funnel data will become increasingly critical to sales leaders. Confidence in funnel data allows the sales leader to identify and target specific activities for competency development, especially those that are critical to winning the business. The sales organization’s long and arduous path toward digital transformation begins with confidence in funnel data and its unique ability to connect behaviors and activities with outcomes. 

Doug Landis, VP Sales Productivity, Box

Sales representatives will increasingly rely on technology to find and understand their existing and prospective customers. This year, sales reps began actively using data-powered technologies to pinpoint and identify the perfect person to engage with. In 2015, this trend will deepen: sales reps will be expected to use those tools to react and respond to client needs—using data to anticipate what clients want and need before they raise their hands.

Jill Rowley, Chief Evangelist, SocialSelling

A mindset shift from selling to serving. Sales professionals need to move from using LinkedIn as their online resume, to managing their digital reputation. Instead of optimizing for the recruiter, optimize for the buyer. Here’s how:

  • It’s no longer Always Be Closing; it’s Always Be Connecting. Your network is your net worth. Nobody likes to be sold to.  We’re living in the Age of the Customer where buyers have choice and voice.
  • Sales professionals need to read; read what their buyers read and share that content across their social networks.
  • Sales professionals learn how to listen; listen to the conversations being had on the social web. Social Selling is about finding and being found.

Social Selling training for your Sales team is not optional because a fool with a tool is still a fool. Oh, and if you suck offline, you’ll suck more online. #Don’tSuck

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