B2B Marketing Crystal Ball: Thought Leaders Weigh In On The Biggest Trends Of 2015

B2B Marketing is one of the most rapidly transforming spaces, fueled in large part by technological advances that are changing the way we choose to communicate with our buyers, and the way those buyers engage with our content. We spoke with individuals leading the charge within the industry and asked them what they thought the biggest B2B marketing trend of 2015 would be.

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Baxter Denney, Head of Marketing Operations, New Relic 

  • Marketing Operations will continue to assume more of a strategic role in Marketing organizations as the need for strong ownership in the key areas of process, technology, analytics and planning/forecasting become even more critical for organizations.
  • Predictive analytics on the customer and prospect side will become table stakes for Marketing. You will have to know if customers are likely to purchase (and if customers will renew) before they themselves know, and adopt your sales and marketing tactics to influence that decision.
  • The best marketing organizations will be using a variety of data tools to augment their customer profiles real-time, and the toughest decisions will be how to use this flood of information to drive the best experience and create the most value for customers.

Russell Glass, Head of Products, Marketing Solutions, LinkedIn

B2B is going to have its mobile moment in 2015 and more B2B content will be consumed on mobile devices than on desktops by the end of the year.

Scott Vaughan, CMO, Integrate

Here are three predictions we see our customers and influencers talking about.

  • Data quality becomes core marketing focus. As marketers continue to invest in and connect greater numbers of systems/technologies to automate processes and increase performance, they’ll place greater emphasis on the quality of data for sales efficiency, customer experience and tech systems ROI.
  • Integration creates customer full funnel view. Marketers will make clear progress towards getting a full-funnel view of their customer by integrating systems, processes and, most importantly, data.  The drive for data to steer and guide marketing investment will put a greater focus on processes and connecting technology.
  • It’s demand gen’s turn for automation. Automation is a trend we continue to see across marketing functions and the customer engagement process, with programmatic ad buying and marketing automation systems. While the top and bottom of the marketing funnel are rapidly becoming automated for most organizations, the middle of the funnel – demand generation – still remains very manual, one process at a time. In 2015, we will finally start to see the remaining manual marketing processes become automated as marketers look to eliminate time-sucking demand gen activities and use analytics to achieve a more complete view of their customers’ behaviors and needs.

Matt Heinz, President, Heinz Marketing Inc.

I fundamentally believe that predictive analytics will successfully move from theory to reality for leading B2B companies in 2015. The massive potential it holds to increase lead quality, sales opportunity creation and cost-effective pipeline building is just too much to ignore much longer.

Rob Israch, CMO, Tipalti

There are many—connecting brand-building investments to demand gen; targeted account marketing; sales readiness; and web optimization, for example. Predictive analytics is also a big trend for 2015. While targeted account marketing programs are a good approach when you know who you want to sell in to, in many business models you either don’t know who your “targeted account” companies are or your list you build will be blind to other strong opportunities out there. Predictive analytics capabilities can help you identify a targeted account list based on modeling of true behavior and patterns (not opinion), can help you prioritize and score your current leads and opportunities, personalize your marketing, and improve your analytics.” 

 Isaac Wyatt, Manager of Marketing Operations, New Relic

  • The best marketing-automation and CRM managers/Admins will continue becoming more technically proficient and acquire engineering-like skills, creating more value for their organization and enhancing their own careers simultaneously.
  • The mixing and merging of marketing activities and data in the various marketing tech platforms will allow marketers to create more value for both their organization and their customers.
  • As marketers continue acquiring the above mentioned engineering-like skills, the ability to deliver more complex Marketing Analytics will allow businesses to get a better understanding of funnel conversion rates and lifecycle velocity (time from 1st touch to customer), and deploy solutions that intelligently calculate the value of various marketing campaign-touches.

We’ll be releasing part two in our Crystal ball: 2015 Predictions series tomorrow. Keep an eye out for B2B Sales predictions!

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