B2B Marketers Need You To Be Honest. Tech-It’s Okay To Be a Volkswagen

In the immortal words of Stuart Smalley: “I’m Good Enough, I’m Smart Enough, and Doggone It, People Like Me!” …Why can’t technology companies live by this mantra?

Here’s an analogy for marketingfocused technology companies to consider.

Remember in the late 70’s when they were making kits to make a VW LOOK like a Rolls RoycePretty silly for sure, but beyond that. When is the last time you saw one of these on the road? It didn’t last… This bolt-on work messed with what was a good car. There were issues with the engine over-heating from being stressed. And parts literally fell off while driving because the car wasn’t made to have things bolted on.

What does this have to do with B2B marketing?

We have seen how marketers roles have shifted and how their budgets and spend on technology are growing. The stats say marketers will be buying more technology than the CIO soon. This shift has put a huge amount of pressure on marketers. There is a definite shift from solely helping sales with the bottom of the funnel to driving the entire organization by focusing on the whole buyers journey. Knowing who is likely to be cross-sold is a good bottom of funnel activity. Still this is nothing like uncovering that a buying committee has started a process of making a purchase. Finding these people who are outside of your universe and understanding their buyers intent before they raise their hand is not a VW-sized challenge.

With this huge shift in focus, marketers need help.

Marketers are smart, but given the increased pressures their organizations are putting on them to spend wisely and quickly, they need straight forward guidance from partners as to how they can help today.

How technology companies can help B2B Marketers:

Marketers need honest self-appraisal from their vendors. Its okay to be a VW, but please for the sake of marketers, don’t try to bolt on things that don’t belong so you can pretend to be a Rolls Royce. Tech companies need to stop trying to be everything to everyone (unless you were built that way). To say you are “working on it” or “you just built a new partnership that will help” or “we have a new solution that will address that” is not fair.

Not to be overly dramatic but….Marketers only have so much time to get things done and technology companies that are not being sensitive to this are stalling progress and innovation. Further, they are risking peoples careers and company viability!

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