B2B Buyers — They're Just Like Us!


Just how important is the “shopping experience” to the B2B buyer journey? Very. A recent study by Accenture and hybris software, as covered by Tequia Burt of FierceCMO, notes that B2B buyers often shop in the same way for their businesses as they might when buying an item for themselves online. And with that comes the expectation that the shopping experience be as elegant and/or seamless as one might expect from Zappo’s or Amazon.

“Business buyers are coming online with high expectations across the board,” said Brigid Fyr, managing director for North America omnichannel commerce, Accenture Interactive, part of Accenture Digital. “With three out of four buyers stating they would buy again from a supplier with an easy-to-use website, sellers have a large opportunity for growth by focusing on making the entire purchasing experience as easy as ordering a book online or downloading music onto a smartphone.”

 Accordingly, B2B sellers are planning to invest in improving their buyers’ experience with more personalization, simpler UI, and even online payment systems. Even wearables to improve supply-chain processes are part of this picture. Check out the infographic.

For B2B marketers, data provides the key to this kingdom, and here’s why. Getting the buyer to convert by clicking on a button and filling out a form is not going to get you all that far. It’s knowing about why that buyer is on your site; what other “stores” have they visited; what they’re in market to buy; and when they’ll open that wallet.

Tying together all that data to get a full picture of buyer intention is like being a shopkeeper who gets to say, “How can I help you today?”, and already knowing whether that prospect is a browser or a buyer—and exactly what that buyer is looking to purchase.

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