“Alexa, Who is In-Market for My Product Today?”

I can guarantee that 80% of you have at least one AI-powered gadget in your household. The concept of artificial intelligence transcends new boundaries each year; with the overwhelming number of intelligence-powered tools and gadgets, from speakers to software solutions, why not AI-powered ABM? AI + ABM… A match made in sales and marketing heaven.

In order to understand what it means to have your ABM powered by AI, let’s take it back a few steps. AI – artificial intelligence – meets ABM – account-based marketing. AI involves mimicking the cognitive functions of the human mind, and account-based marketing – in a nutshell – is a hyper-targeted B2B marketing strategy that focuses sales and marketing efforts on target accounts rather than leads.

An intelligent ABM solution would require big data analytics, constantly analyzing and extrapolating meaningful insight and using it to enhance your team’s personalized outreach and sales & marketing tactics. Even in the largest of corporations, the manpower for this type of ‘always on’ monitoring is just not feasible.

Here’s an idea: Merge AI with ABM, and create an ABM solution your sales team will love.

We Feel Your Pain

We already know what your sales team is struggling with, and that’s finding predictable marketing generated pipeline that closes, rather than just more leads. They want marketing aligned to sales. They want to find buyers when they’re active and in-market, so they can execute the right message through the right channel at the right time.

The first step in tackling ABM is prioritizing your business opportunities by figuring out your TAM. With your target accounts defined, you can then go about strategizing how you will reach them and when. Though account selection is step 1 of successful ABM application, it isn’t complete without predictive. You could be reaching out to all the right accounts at the wrong time. The key is being able to capture the intent across the account — across devices, channels, people and product categories.

Data + Intent + Predictive + ABM

Now you’ve got a bunch of activity happening, and you’re getting excited – the iron’s hot and you want to strike. But wait… It’s not time yet! This is where AI does the work for you. Rather than assuming when the right time is to reach out, predictive analytics and AI possess the ability to turn activity into actionable journey insight. Gathering intent data is only the half of it, the other half is using intelligence to piece together the mass amounts of data, extract meaning out of it and turn it into an action. Driven by recency, frequency, significance and role of user doing activity and runs a comparison to the normal level of activity, 6sense predictive AI gives you a pattern match of where the prospect is in their buyer journey.

This patent-protected AI-powered engine is constantly evaluating the ever-changing intent patterns to predict for company and product-specific buying behavior, packing quite the powerful punch for your sales and marketing teams to go full-speed ahead with their targeted outreach. Knowing exactly where your prospect is in their journey gives your team the ability to properly tailor the right message to the right audience at the right time.

The insights gathered from 6sense drive forth progressive action within sales teams such as executing campaigns and tactics, alerting sales of opportunities, creating targeted content which, in turn, leads to more qualified pipeline, shorter deal duration and more closed deals.

When you take this next step and align your marketing with sales, you’ve achieved yet another ABM goal. With the help of 6sense, sales loves marketing and marketing loves sales. Together they tackle ABM, with the power of AI.

Interested in hearing more about us? Get in touch with a 6sensor today!

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