ABM Tales: How Consolidated ABM Platform Bets Are Paying Off


Imagine a world where your marketing technology stack consisted of one integrated ABM platform, from uncovering in-market accounts all the way to orchestrating multi-channel, multi-persona account plays. In this post, we look at five marketers who have made this dream a reality and presented their approach at the SiriusDecisions Summit last month.

Goodbye, Point Solutions. Hello, Consolidated Platform!

So, what exactly is a consolidated ABM platform? It has all the components of SiriusDecisions’ Demand Waterfall – determine target demand, identify and engage active demand, measure and improve engaged demand, focus and align with sales on prioritized and qualified demand – in one platform.

6sense unveiled this consolidated ABM platform, the 6sense Account Orchestration Platform, in May at SiriusDecisions Summit 2018. Our star customers did an excellent job of telling their stories – their ABM tales – of using 6sense’s consolidated ABM platform.

Dell EMC

Lindsay Lyons, Director of Global Brand Content and Kay Somers, Director of Audiences Strategy for NA Commercial Marketing from Dell EMC, spoke about Dell’s success story with 6sense. Dell EMC had been looking for real time insights into their broad-reach initiatives that are typically harder to track. They had overall traffic data, general insight into their target audiences and buying center models; what they wanted was a view of engagement at the account level and this is where 6sense stepped in. Combining their own data and insights with 6sense predictive intent modeling to map buyer stage (snapshot below), they assigned relevant marketing tactics to the different buyer journey stages, allowing Dell EMC to invest in the right accounts and contacts at the right time, with the best message. Dell EMC closed out the presentation with a brief mention about what’s next with 6sense. Hearing our customers’ excitement for what the future holds? Music to our ears!

Sage Intacct

Sage Intacct’s VP of Demand Generation, Nick Ezzo, delivered a compelling presentation that drew people back to the 6sense booth after, wanting to learn more about us! He broke down the story of Sage Intacct’s ABM planning to ABM activation to support Sage Intacct’s shift in go-to-market strategy.  ABM is at the heart of their transition from focusing exclusively on SMB accounts, to also targeting mid-market/strategic accounts. Sage Intacct built an ABM flow (snapshot below) by first identifying the right target accounts and then executing the campaign most appropriate for each account. In following this flow, Nick expressed the importance of not skimping on the data. Measuring is key when it comes to ABM, and Sage Intacct’s ABM reporting included details about their target account penetration, account engagement and opportunity progression. Seeing the enthusiasm in our customers inspires us to continue to better our product, so needless to say we’re eager to further strengthen our relationship with Sage Intacct!


Hanne Venables, Director of Marketing Operations of Xactly, also told an interesting story at Summit. Xactly was in the process of re-examining their go-to-market strategy; their evaluation involved determining if they were in fact going after the right verticals, selling to the right personas, and targeting the right accounts. This involved a deep dive into their CRM to first determine what data they have and don’t have.  Then, as Hanne described their process, “prioritize, prioritize, prioritize,” referring to focusing campaigns and outreach on the right accounts and contacts, at the right time. They reached out to 6sense’s ZenIQ to help them with their ABM harmony. Xactly was able to succeed in account scoring, data enriching, expanding their target list, creating new content by persona and vertical, and building campaigns that delivered marketing generated pipeline (as shown below).

With their enhanced, hyper-targeted approach, they are excited to continue expanding their use of 6sense’s platform for additional capabilities. There’s no stopping them now!


Special congratulations to Centrify – another star customer of 6sense – for winning the Program of the Year Award this year at SiriusDecisions Summit. Rhonda Shantz, CMO of Centrify, presented about Centrify’s notable success and referenced 6sense as a contributing factor, empowering her sales and marketing teams with valuable insights which resulted in a 5x increase in engagement!

She then elaborated on how her team was using 6sense to really delve deep into their in-market accounts and their triggers in order to personalize their interactions; this resulted in a 6x increase in engagement with in-market accounts. A win for Centrify is a win for 6sense!

Consolidate and Crush It!

Consolidation is the logical next step in the marketing stack. In the coming months, we will bring you many more success stories of how marketers are crushing their pipeline goals with 6sense’s consolidated ABM platform. As one CMO put it nicely, “I was waiting for someone to do this and I am so glad to see 6sense blazing the trail in creating a consolidated ABM platform”.

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