ABM + Predictive Sales Enablement with the Oracle Eloqua Sales Tools Extensions Launch

As sales teams look to their marketing counterparts in an ABM world for enablement and insight, it’s getting increasingly important to have a centralized view of account engagement. No sales team operates the same way – with differences in structure, process, tools, personalities, values, selling strategies, go-to-market motions, etc. – there are innumerable permutations and combinations.

In this already complex world of sales and sales enablement, it’s great to have choices.

Posting this while in Chicago, at the Oracle Modern Customer Experience conference. The energy here is amazing, and I’ve already heard multiple conversations talking about empowering sales teams. We’re excited to announce that we are among the few launch partners of Oracle’s Sales Tools Extensions, available within Oracle Eloqua Profiler and designed to enable sales teams with relevant lead and account information. Being announced in beta, our integration is expected to become generally available when Oracle announces the general availability of the Sales Tools Extensions later during 2018.

With this integration, sales teams can get the following benefits of the 6sense Demand Orchestration Platform within Oracle Eloqua Profiler:

  1. In-market predictions at the product category level for every account, based on the full-funnel buyer intent journey and 6sense AI
  2. Third-party keywords researched such as competitor keywords, partner keywords, etc. that indicate interest and relevancy
  3. Actionable recommendations on the right contacts to engage based on their intent or their fit
  4. Unified timeline of all activity done by employees of the account, either known or anonymously

“We’re extremely excited to have 6sense be a part of our launch, as their vision lies at the intersection of account-based marketing, artificial intelligence, and providing buyer intelligence to sales,” said Pierre Custeau Vice President Product Management, Oracle Eloqua. “As Sales Tools Extensions gets into the hands of our B2B customers, this is one integration that many are going to be excited about.”

Here are some screenshots of what this looks like inside of Sales Tools Extensions for a 6sense prospect that is researching some of our competitors:

To use this integration, companies must be customers of both Oracle Eloqua and 6sense. 6sense customers looking to try this integration in beta are recommended to contact their 6sense customer success manager for further information.

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