6sense Recognized as a Leading Sales Tool in 2015


Last week, Bowery Capital released what just might be the most comprehensive guide of B2B sales tools we’ve ever seen. For each segment of the sales funnel and the processes that define it, they outlined the tools and technologies that can help you optimize everything from lead intelligence and collateral management to customer success and chat for sales.

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That’s why we were excited to discover that Bowery Capital recognized 6sense as the leading predictive intelligence tool for B2B sales teams. And here’s why:

  • An “enterprise-ready product that works with growth-stage and large enterprise companies such as Cisco, NetApp, VMware and Dell.”
  • A “dedicated customer success group [that] will help with data cleansing and implementation.”
  • An ability to “make use of sources of data others do not” such as search, publisher sites, forums, blogs and review sites.
  • Partnerships with Marketo LaunchPoint and Oracle Marketing AppCloud.

A number of 6sense customers, including Blue Jeans (conferencing) and Xactly (sales compensation software), made the guide as well, showing that leaders in the B2B sales technology space understand the value of predictive intelligence. It’s no surprise 6sense investor, Salesforce, also appeared on the list as the leading CRM platform.

Today’s high-performing sales teams are more likely to have a robust technology stack in place that allows them to focus their efforts on the strongest opportunities and understand the needs and expectations of their prospects. In short order, having the right tools and well-established workflows to take advantage of them will spell the difference between highly successful organizations with a competitive advantage and those who miss the mark.

Which tools are most vital to your sales team’s success? Share them @6senseinc.

Find Bowery Capital’s original guide here.


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