6sense Named Gartner Cool Vendor in Data-Driven Marketing

The “coolest” marketers today are using data-driven technologies, such as predictive intelligence, to optimize their marketing and sales activities and get concrete results such as fewer sales touches, more customer engagement and increased revenues. As a result, data-driven marketing technologies are proliferating at fast clip. The sheer number of options makes it more challenging to identify the right fit.

To help marketers better understand the options and make informed decisions, Gartner released a report on the 2015 Cool Vendors in Data-Driven Marketing. The report describes the selected vendors as “a new generation of marketing analytics applications that provides nimble solutions to persistent problems, such as how to find and rank prospects or measure the impact of marketing.” 6sense is on the Cool Vendor list, and here’s why.

Simply put, it’s the data and the approach. Over the last 6 years, 6sense has built the world’s largest and most sophisticated predictive engine that is capable of processing billions of rows of B2B buyer intent data. This time-sensitive behavioral data comes from 6sense’s exclusive proprietary Buyer Intent Network, in which we have direct relationships with thousands of data sources, including search, blogs, communities, forums, review sites, major trade publications and more. By tying this intent data to our customers’ CRM and marketing automation, 6sense identifies with over 85 percent accuracy the buying stage of every active prospect in our customers’ addressable market. 6sense is also the only predictive solution to offer product scoring to help its customers cross-sell, enter new vertical markets and get into sales deals ahead of their competition.

The days of backward looking analytics and reporting are officially over, and 6sense is paving the way for marketers to unlock the immense potential of data. So what does all this mean for you? Gartner’s Martin Kihn said it best in his blog: “Go forth and market wisely…and above all, Be Cool.”  And data-driven is cool.

How are you using data-driven marketing technology today? Let us know on Twitter.    

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