6sense Joins The Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic

Not only has Scott Brinker of Chief Marketing Technologist succeeded in creating one of the most iconic supergraphics in B2B marketing, he may have very well coined the term supergraphic. Revered as the authoratative marketing tech landscape overview, Brinker’s 2015 edition of the supergraphic reveals new learnings with significant impact for marketers.

Here are the four key takeaways, according to Brinker:

  1. Marketing has unquestionably become a technology-powered discipline.
  2. The quantity of martech ventures is a barometer of how much marketing is evolving.
  3. The marketing technology field is heterogenous, with a very broad range of products.
  4. To thrive in this environment, marketing should steadily develop its technical talent.

To Brinker’s second point, it’s worth noting that the annual supergraphic has doubled in size since last year—a jump from 947 to 1,876 companies represented across 43 categories. You may have noticed one new logo in particular in the Data Management Platforms/ Customer Data Platform section. We’re excited to be part of the graphic, thanks, Scott!

While yet another increase in the martech landscape is almost unfathomable, evidence points to an even bigger supergraphic in 2016. So the question becomes, how will all these technologies start playing with each other? What is the “tipping point” where less becomes more, for marketers? With so many time-saving and efficiency-driving tools and technologies available, we’re fast approaching the point where each new technology on boarded must prove that it plays nicely with existing systems, in order to make the cut.

What do you anticipate for the 2016 supergraphic? Tweet to us: @6senseinc

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