6Sense Joins New Salesforce Analytics Cloud Ecosystem to Provide Predictive Intelligence Insights for Salesforce Users

Wave, the Salesforce Analytics Cloud, Is the First Cloud Analytics Platform Designed for Every Business User, Making It Easier Than Ever for Anyone to Explore Data, Uncover New Insights and Take Action Instantly From Any Device; Come See the Power of 6sense and Analytics Cloud Together in Action at Dreamforce 2014, the World’s Largest Software Conference

SAN FRANCISCO, CA–(Marketwired – October 13, 2014) – Dreamforce 2014 – 6sense today announced it has joined the Salesforce Analytics Cloud ecosystem to offer marketing and sales teams insights into all of the behaviors that lead to an account or contact’s predictive scores. With 6sense, sales teams are empowered with access to relevant talking points tailored to a prospect’s behaviors, and know exactly which accounts are in market to buy now, decreasing time-to-close and increasing close rates. Sales and marketing teams can also build rich closed-loop reports, segment prospects by buying stage, and export these segments to downstream systems for full-funnel targeting, personalization, or call lists for sales teams or partners.

Wave, the Salesforce Analytics Cloud, is the first cloud analytics platform designed for every business user, making it easier than ever for anyone to explore data, uncover new insights and take action instantly from any device.

Comments on the News
“6sense is excited to bring the power of our predictive intelligence engine to the Salesforce Analytics Ecosystem,” said Amanda Kahlow, CEO, 6sense. “We align sales and marketing teams by providing them with the ‘why’ around each account and contact’s score. Our use of intent data in our predictive models will show teams exactly which accounts are in market to buy. Finally, 6sense provides Analytics Cloud customers with net-new accounts and contacts.”

“The convergence of mobile, social and cloud computing has sparked a data revolution, and companies today must leverage data-driven insights to connect with their customers in a whole new way,” said Keith Bigelow, senior vice president & general manager, Salesforce Analytics Cloud, salesforce.com. “Salesforce Analytics Cloud is the first cloud analytics platform designed for every business user. With partners such as 6sense joining the Analytics Cloud ecosystem, companies can benefit from a wealth of additional analytics applications to extend analytics for every business need, making it easier than ever for anyone to explore and share data instantly, uncover new insights and take action from anywhere.”

6sense and Salesforce Analytics Cloud Empower Customers to Transform Data into Business Insight
6sense uncovers net-new companies, contacts and prioritizes known prospects ready to buy now. 6sense predicts with more than 80 percent accuracy what a company or contact will buy, and when. Unlike basic predictive lead-scoring tools that rely on static data, demographics, and firmographics, 6sense ties together thousands of sources of time-based activity, static and external data from the B2B web to make its predictions. 6sense’scustomers include Blue Jeans, CBS, Cisco, CSC, Dell, Interactive, NetApp, VMware and Xactly.

Come See the Power of 6sense and Salesforce Analytics Cloud in Action this Week at Dreamforce 2014, the World’s Largest Software Conference
Visit booth N2326 to see a live demo of 6sense’s predictive intelligence engine. 6sense will showcase its user interface and demonstrate how scores and insights can be accessed within the Salesforce Analytics Cloud. 6sense will demonstrate how sales and marketing professionals can view the “why” of 6sense scores — the buying intent and attributes that lead to the predictions and corresponding scores for each account and contact. 6sense will show how customers can drill into all of the time-based intent and attribute data that lead to a contact or account’s score and build rich segments to be exported for use in marketing and sales systems.

Wave Opens Up Insights From Every Data Source — Now Anyone Can Build and Deploy Analytics for Any Business Need
Wave, the Salesforce Analytics Cloud, is the first cloud analytics platform that enables admins, IT and developers to work closely with business leaders to empower everyone to make smarter, data-driven decisions in seconds. Natively integrated with Salesforce1 Platform, Salesforce Analytics Cloud benefits from the trusted platform and enables admins to quickly drag and drop Salesforce data to deploy sales, service and marketing analytics apps. In addition, developers and IT can use new Wave APIs and other data connectors to easily connect to any other data sources to build any custom analytics app for any business function, or embed analytics into an entirely new generation of analytics apps and connected products for customers.


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