6sense in 2015: What a Blowout Year Looks Like


2015 was a remarkable year of growth for the 6sense team. We witnessed momentum in every aspect of the business this year. We built our customer roster and hired some truly singular people to join our family. We brought on new customers and partners. We worked tirelessly to further the field of predictive intelligence. We grew 3X while remaining true to the vision and core values of our company, one of our biggest accomplishments of 2015.

To kick off 2015, we raised $20M of equity to help fuel our aggressive growth. By July, our vision and execution earned us an investment from Salesforce Ventures. Securing a group of tier one equity partners allowed us to build a first-rate team and focus on creating the culture and infrastructure to bring predictive intelligence to the B2B market at scale.

Changing the Market – Delivering On the Promise of Predictive Intelligence

2015 was an amazing year for delivering tangible results and driving success for our customers who reported revenue growth, cost savings and efficiencies across the marketing and sales funnel. We saw lead-to-opportunity conversion rates that were 60 times higher than regularly scored leads, three times higher MQL-to-SQL conversion rates and a 67 percent reduction in the number of touches required to open sales opportunities

This past year has also been an amazing time to build key relationships with sales and marketing operations leaders who are on the front lines of using predictive intelligence to capture market share and drive revenue. Hearing the positive feedback and enthusiasm we’ve encountered with all of our partners and their commitment to predictive intelligence efforts emboldened us everyday. For many of our customers, 2015 was a year of laying the groundwork and preparing their revenue engines for the data-driven future of B2B marketing and sales. We couldn’t be more excited for what we’ll accomplish together in 2016.

Making a Lasting Impact

Our amazing position in the market has given us a tremendous opportunity to give back in 2015. Through our events, hiring, corporate planning and community engagement we were able to support organizations like Mama Hope, Girl Rising, Pledge 1% and Andela. We believe that working together for a common cause is not only good for the world, but is critical for creating a healthy company culture.

To close out the year, we made one last addition to our family with the appointment of Brocade CMO Christine Heckart, who joined the board of directors in December. Christine is the embodiment of 6sense’s ideal customer and her vast experience as a technical, forward-thinking CMO will allow us to tailor our product in 2016 to match customer need. In addition to her domain expertise, Christine will support our ongoing mission to inspire women to seek leadership roles with confidence.

As we grow and thrive in 2016, staying true to our core value of family will remain one of our top priorities. While supporting our customers and continuing to lead the market are vital to our success, creating a positive, philanthropic and passionate culture will be the key to sustaining long-term momentum.


Zak Garner, Director of Customer Success:

“The SiriusDecisions Summit and INmarket were major high points for 6sense in 2015. INmarket exceeded the entire team’s expectations – we anticipated 100 attendees and hit 350, we aimed for two sponsors and secured 10 – and allowed us to connect with some of the top marketers in the country.”

Kim Raduenz, Sr. Enterprise Account Executive:

“I loved having the chance to reunite with former colleagues to build the foundation for an amazing sales team. As we’re growing the team, it’s incredible to see the quality of customers we’re bringing on and the unmatched momentum of 6sense.”

Viral Bajaria, CTO and Co-founder:

“The two company offsites we had this year were instrumental in bringing the team together. We had the opportunity to build trust and foster the feeling of family while also building out our strategy of how we’re differentiating ourselves in the market.”

Amanda Kahlow, CEO and Founder:

“2015 deepened my unconditional love for the founding team (I also finally learned to say their names correctly). I know that no matter where 6sense takes us, we’ll be together as a team forever. I truly believe that as we’ve grown, we’ve not only maintained the quality of people we’re hiring, but have somehow gotten better. I couldn’t be more excited for 2016 and the new adventures and growth it will bring for 6sense.”

Chris Gutierrez, Chief Data Scientist:

“2015 was a great year because as we grew as a company, we were able to automate more of the mundane tasks and devote our focus to the important analytics.”

Rita Kozlov, Software Engineer:

“One of the best things about 6sense is that there were so many highlights this year that it’s hard to pick one. I love coming together as a team when we accomplish a milestone: signing new customers, getting funding, etc. It feels good to be a part of something so unique and feel your contributions paying off.”

Dustin Chang, Co-founder:

“It’s great to see how fast the team has grown. Last year at this time, we were at 12 employees and were just hiring our first product manager. Now, we’ve hired more than 50 employees in total and have built a phenomenal team.”

Racquel Reyes, Accounting Manager:

“The company offsite was the highlight of 2015. The team came together in the kitchen to cook (and clean) for 50.  There was this sense of harmony that was really nice to see among peers.”

Pablo Pollard, SVP of Sales:

“This year was marked by massive momentum for 6sense where we secured 3x growth and supported many of the world’s most innovative B2B marketers. As we look ahead to 2016, it’s clear 6sense is well-poised to strengthen our market leadership and drive incredible success for our customers.”

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