6sense At GrowthBeat: It’s Going To Be Big

On August 6, 6sense will be partaking in GrowthBeat—a new annual conference hosted by VentureBeat. GrowthBeat will explore the vast range of data, apps, and science of successful marketing. Given VentureBeat’s proven track record of hosting events that incite disruptive thinking and trend-setting discussions, we’re excited to be involved.

Another reason to be excited? 6sense CEO Amanda Kahlow will be joined by Scott Broomfield, CMO, Xactly, for a fireside chat. Kahlow and Broomfield will be tackling one of the hottest topics in marketing today: How CRM systems, and by default marketing and sales processes, are changing with the integration of predictive intelligence.

Fireside Chat: How to integrate predictive intelligence into your CRM (and why you can’t afford not to)

Speakers: Amanda Kahlow (6sense), Scott Broomfield (Xactly)

August 6, 2014

9:50-10:10 am

What can you expect to learn from the session?

If you work in B2B, chances are you’re relying heavily on marketing automation and CRM systems to execute your marketing and sales tactics. These systems have, quite rapidly, become essential to daily B2B business. However, at 6sense we operate under a different premise. We argue that these systems and tools are limited when it comes to data intelligence and longer adequate for today’s data-driven marketing and sales professionals. Kahlow and Broomfield will discuss how fast-growing B2B companies (like Pure Storage) are optimizing their marketing automation and CRM tools by integrating behavioral big data and predictive intelligence. Moreover, they’ll talk about the “why”—specifically, the proven results that early-adopters of predictive intelligence have seen.

Why is it a must-attend session?

It’s a timely discussion. Just a few weeks ago Salesforce announced its acquisition of RelateIQ, a predictive analytics/ Business Intelligence company. Last year Salesforce acquired Pardot/Exact Target, a sure sign that CRM giants are recognizing the need to amp up their data intelligence capabilities. The move likely stems from the increasing demand of B2B marketers to use data-driven insights to guide their strategies and campaigns. Are you one of them?

We look forward to seeing you at GrowthBeat on August 6.

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