6sense Announces Inaugural INmarket Conference

First Conference Dedicated to Exploring the Impact of Data Across Every Industry and Every Sector

SAN FRANCISCO, CA–(Marketwired – April 24, 2015) – 6sense today announced its inaugural INmarket conference, taking place at The Four Seasons Hotel in San Francisco on July 8, 2015. Executive-level strategists, data and technology visionaries, will explore the power of a data-driven world.

“Artificial intelligence is disrupting every interaction, every industry, and will be at the heart of every advancement technology,” said Amanda Kahlow, CEO and founder of 6sense. “It is no longer about analytics, reporting and optimizing workflow and process. Those that win today will not just be predictive — they will be prescriptive. Intelligence is not information. Intelligence is action leading to measurable advances, and artificial intelligence is forward thinking — not backward looking. In the industrial age, machines took over manpower. In the information age, every answer to every question was at our fingertips.”

The impact of this type of intelligence and the good that can be derived from the data will change all industries and businesses and our lives in ways we can only begin to imagine. INmarket will bring together leaders across various industries and sectors, to explore how we can use this intelligence for greater good as well as for business. Humans will come out of the equation, and machines will do the planning, strategizing and execution not only to grow businesses, but to make a massive global impact.

Every system, application, tool will be optimized by data. Sellers will be connected to buyers before they even know they have a need. For marketers, interactions will be prescribed to determine the right person to reach and the right message to encourage the best possible outcome — ultimately empowering businesses to know everything about their buyers: who they are, when they are in market, and where and how to reach them. With 100 percent visibility, sellers can truly use data to dominate their respective markets.

INmarket is the first to bring together this unique group of thought-leaders in predictive intelligence, marketing and sales, from various industries and perspectives including some of the largest global enterprise companies in the world, to highlight the end of guesswork in B2B marketing and sales. Speakers include:

Award-winning B2B enterprise marketers

  • Meagan Eisenberg, CMO, MongoDB, (SirusDecisions ROI Award Winner)
  • Nick Panayi, Head of Global Brand & Digital Marketing, CSC (SiriusDecisions ABM Program of the Year Winner)
  • Joseph Puthussery, VP Marketing, Global Demand Center, Cisco (SirusDecisions ROI Award Winner)
  • Scott Broomfield, CMO, Xactly
  • Michael Ballard, Demand Generation Strategy & Operations, Lenovo
  • Ken Wincko, SVP, Marketing, PR Newswire

Sales leaders of the world’s most innovative B2B companies

  • Brian Frank, VP, Global Sales Operations, LinkedIn (responsible for a $10B sales quota)
  • Doug Landis, VP, Sales Productivity, Box
  • Dale Durrett, VP of Sales, CBSi
  • Jake Hofwegen, VP, Global Sales Operations, NetSuite

Founders of leading B2B marketing technologies

  • Jon Miller, Co-Founder, Marketo (now CEO of Engagio)
  • Paul Teshima, Founding employee, Eloqua (now CEO of Nudge)
  • Russell Glass, CEO & Founder, Bizo (recently Acquired by LinkedIN)
  • Mark Dye, Founder, Bizo (recently Acquired by LinkedIN)

Leading B2B industry analysts, agencies and thought leaders 

  • Laura Ramos, VP, Principal Analyst, B2B Marketing, Forrester
  • David Raab, Principal, Raab and Associates
  • Bob Ray, President, Americas, DWA
  • Chris Omer, SVP, CTO, MRM/McCann
  • Matt Martin, SVP Analytics & Data Strategy, MRM//McCann,
  • Matt Heinz, President, Heinz Marketing

Bright minds in data and predictive intelligence

  • Keith Bigelow, GM & SVP Analytics, salesforce.com
  • Ken Romley, President and CEO, Zift

INmarket will also focus on the impact of data for greater social good. Learn how data was used to predict the Ebola outbreak from Dr. Lulit Solomon. Dr. Solomon is an Honorary Elder, a group of global leaders and philanthropists founded by Nelson Mandela. She works in conjunction with the United Nations and alongside global leaders like Richard Branson, Jimmy Carter and Desmond Tutu.

Martha Adams, Chief Creative Officer of The Documentary Group and producer of Girl Rising will explain why educating girls is the smartest investment of our time and the single greatest solution to solving key issues such as hunger, poverty, and infant and maternal mortality rates in developing nations. When girls are educated, communities thrive and economies grow. Yet 62 million girls are missing from classrooms worldwide, and tremendous opportunities are lost. This is the single greatest issue of our time.

  • If India enrolled 1% more girls in secondary school, its GDP would rise by $5.5 billion.
  • For every 10% of girls, we educate the GDP rises by 3%.
  • Every girl educated past 5thgrade has 5 fewer children.

Check the INmarket website for further speaker updates. Conference topics will include:

  • How data and predictive will become the central nervous system for all sales and marketing
  • ROI marketing: What marketing leaders want
  • Winning the in-market customer: The sales leader’s perspective
  • A guide to the universe of B2B intent data: What data is truly predictive
  • Predictions on predictive from leading analysts
  • Case studies: How award-winning marketers use data to grow business

Continued Kahlow, “INmarket will be a conference where we can have a deep discussion about data-driven business and predictive technologies, and we can look outside ourselves to find ways we can apply the principals and product for greater good. One of 6sense’s core values is giving back, and INmarket will be a place where the best minds in business will discuss ways to make a collective impact with the power of data at their fingertips.”

In addition to 6sense, other INmarket sponsors include April SixDWAZift and StructuredWeb.

The conference will take place on July 8, 2015 at the Four Seasons in San Francisco. Early Bird registration is $195 and is available through May 21, 2015.
For more information or to register, visit the conference website.

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