6Sense Announces First-of-Its-Kind Product Intent Score: ProductSense™

New Tool Provides Insights Around Buying Intent for Product Lines

SAN FRANCISCO, CA–(Marketwired – August 06, 2014) – 6sense, a predictive intelligence engine for B2B marketing and sales, today announced its new product, ProductSense, which enables companies to score their prospects’ buying intent at the product level. The first of its kind among predictive lead scoring and marketing solutions for B2B companies, ProductSense provides 6sense customers with the ability to uncover their prospects’ intent to buy specific products, arming marketing and sales teams with insights needed to supercharge their sales cycle and reduce time-to-close.

“With ProductSense, we’re delivering accurate product-level insights about our customers’ prospective buyers, enabling them to be laser-focused with their marketing and sales tactics. This is a significant advance from spray-and-pray guesswork which has dominated marketing until now,” said Amanda Kahlow, CEO and Founder, 6sense. “We understand the challenges that B2B sales and marketers face better than anyone. One of our top priorities is continuously evolving the 6sense engine to respond to those needs. ProductSense shows our customers which prospects are most likely to buy, what they will buy and when. Predicting buyers and the products they’re interested in isn’t magic; it’s math…And lots of behavioral, intent-related data.”

Buyers leave digital footprints of interest across the web. By leveraging external behavioral data beyond customers’ CRM, 6sense finds net-new prospects with a high likelihood to buy, in addition to shedding light on existing prospects’ purchase intent. Maintaining its adaptable solution approach, ProductSense is tailored to 6sense’s customers’ product lines. ProductSense works by combining activity data across thousands of B2B publisher sites, blog, communities, forums, and business directories with activity seen on customers’ internal digital channels, such as call centers, websites, and social media properties. Turning unstructured data into structured data, 6sense creates custom “buying intent indicators” related to specific products, which are then fed to the 6sense machine-learning and math engine and used in product predictions. The resulting deep, product-level insights enable marketers to target the right contacts and accounts with the right messages, on the right channels, at the right time.

Beyond its application to marketing and sales, ProductSense can be used in corporate forecasting. By uncovering immediate and future demand for particular products, decision-makers can carry out data-backed strategies pertaining to those products and product lines.

“Predictive intelligence allows you to extract the most value from the hard work of building a digital ecosystem and studying the digital body language of customers and prospects,” said Nick Panayi, Director, Global Brand & Digital Marketing, CSC. “6sense is now taking predictive intelligence to the next level by giving marketing and sales teams an advantage to gracefully enter the buyer’s digital journey earlier and better-informed than their competition.”

6sense is currently rolling out ProductSense to its growing list of customers.

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