6 Ways Predictive Intelligence Turns Insights Into Action


“Predictive intelligence can empower marketers to be better at what they are already doing and to focus where the buyers are,” says Marketing Land columnist Mary Wallace. In her recent article “Exploring The Cutting-Edge: Predictive Marketing Analytics,” Wallace explains how big-data fueled predictive analytics enables marketers to reach out to the right buyers at the right time, ultimately increasing efficiencies and growing the bottom line.

Here’s our recap of the post:

  1. Find Prospects in Market to Buy: “Predictive intelligence is providing double digit increases in sales conversions by leveraging the digital footprints buyers leave as they do research. In a B2B context…it’s possible to tap into the signals of the decision-makers and predict with more than 85% accuracy who is going to buy (both accounts and contacts), when they are going to buy, and what they are going to buy.” We know this works, because one 6sense client realized a 450% increase in conversions from marketing-qualified leads to sales-qualified leads (MQL-to-SQL conversions).
  2. Optimize Buyer Personas. “The more that is known about buyers the more the message and communication can be tailored to meeting pain points and activating them.” When you couple what you already know about your buyers with the power of big data and predictive engines, you gain visibility into more accurate buyer patterns and traits.
  3. Segment Your Data. “Because you have more and disparate information on your leads, you can see them from multiple angles. This allows more sophisticated segmentation which then results in a laser focus on the right leads with the right message.” The result? More successful campaigns with better-spent time and resources focused on prospects in market to buy.
  4. Personalize Your Nurture Campaigns. Predictive intelligence drives more strategic and personalized outreach, which yields significant boosts in the following areas: MQL-to-SQL conversions, close rates, and, of course, revenue.
  5. Focus Your Marketing Spend. Know where your buyers are to better target your budget and get optimal results. “With predictive intelligence you can determine which events to participate in, which content syndication providers to use, and even how to improve your direct mail results.”
  6. Shape Future Products & Solutions. 6sense is the only predictive solution to score product lines. Not only do you see which prospects are highly likely to buy, but which products they are most likely to buy. This, in turn, drives customer-oriented innovation: “new product can be created and existing products can be modified to better meet the buyer’s needs.”

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The post was originally published on Marketing Land. Click here to read Mary Wallace’s full article on “Exploring The Cutting-Edge: Predictive Marketing Analytics.”

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