5 Essential Tools for Your Salesforce Account-Based Marketing Cloud


For leading B2B organizations, ABM has become a dominant strategy to ensure high-value target accounts are marketed to in a way that is relevant and personalized. As the buzz around ABM soars, many sales and marketing professionals don’t know where to start…until now. We’re thrilled to announce our participation in the first-ever ABM Cloud for Salesforce.

This partner program seeks to help marketers understand the martech software product landscape and select best-in-class tools across functional categories to implement account-based marketing programs at scale.

The ABM Cloud for Salesforce provides a framework that represents the five core components of any ABM strategy. As marketers face an overwhelming array of technology tools with wide-ranging implementation requirements and features, this framework classifies and simplifies the tools required to execute account-based marketing tactics and strategies from start to finish.

  • Identify – tools for identifying potential accounts
  • Expand – tools for expanding reach within accounts
  • Engage – tools for engaging with accounts
  • Advocate – tools to help individuals within accounts become product champions
  • Measure – analytics tools that help marketers understand attribution and engagement from those accounts

For sales and marketing teams, the selection process of identifying target accounts has become the most critical component to drive marketing and sales outcomes at scale. The introduction of predictive intelligence to the equation has allowed organizations to build lists not simply on gut instinct and static, look-alike firmographics, but on detection of active buying cycles that indicate a business need and propensity to purchase from a timing perspective.

All ABM strategies are built on a company’s ability to create target account lists based on the business needs and challenges they are uniquely positioned to address. Having access to buyer activity allows marketers to identify the best accounts with greater precision and confidence. 6sense enterprise and mid-market customers have the ability to create targeted and dynamic account lists based on buying stage predictions and active buying cycle detection, enabling them to optimize their spend and drive higher effectiveness of their ABM programs.

For the ABM Cloud for Salesforce, 35 vendors whose products integrate and work seamlessly with the Salesforce CRM have joined the initiative. The goal is to help marketers design comprehensive account-based marketing software solutions with best-in-class product options, many of which already exist in a martech stack.

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