3 Steps to Get Ready for Marketo’s Marketing Nation Summit


On May 9th Las Vegas will transform itself and for 3 days become the center of modern marketing when Marketo’s 2016 Marketing Nation Summit takes over the MGM grand. As we pack our bags and make our way down to Sin City, we thought we’d share our thoughts about making the most of the Summit this year.

  1. Getting ready for Vegas

A successful event starts before you ever step foot on the expo hall floor. When you’re getting ready for Vegas make sure to:

  • Get plenty of rest before you get here. Between the VIP events, networking dinners and parties, you shouldn’t plan on too many restful nights once you get to Vegas.
  • Think about who you need to meet. Make a short list of people you can’t miss and reach out to them before to plan lunch and coffee dates. Pre-planned meetings will help structure your day and ensure that you connect with people you need to build relationships with. For example, make sure to schedule a time to have a 1:1 meeting with us as our team shares the work we’re doing with our clients and can help you think through whether your organization is ready for predictive.
  • Take advantage of the amazing learning opportunities. From Marketo’s workshops to more informal opportunities to connect with thought leaders and bring your marketing execution to a new level. One such opportunity is a Roadmap Session with our founder and CEO, Amanda Kahlow, where she’ll outline our vision of the predictive intelligence landscape and how you should expect B2B marketing and sales to be affected by new technologies in the next 6-12 months. If you are interested, reach out to our B2B matchmaker Dasha for availability.
  1. When You’re in Vegas

Las Vegas can be a hard place to visit if you don’t play your cards right. Here are a few pointers on how to make sure the city and the Marketo Summit work for you.

  • Know how to get around. Do a little snooping on Google Maps and figure out where your hotel room is in relation to the Summit and any other events you plan to attend. Unless you plan to go off the strip, walking is your best bet. (Just make sure you bring everything you need with you so you don’t have to retrace your steps.) One event not to miss is our partner presentation: Drive Results Through Omni-Channel Predictive Intelligence at 6:30pm on Monday, May 10th.
  • Stay hydrated. You’ll probably be doing more walking, talking and standing than you have in a long while. Make sure to drink water every chance you have and bring healthy snacks with you to keep your energy up.
  • Look at people, not at their name tags. It’s easy to get swept away in the name game and forget that you’re trying to connect with people, not job titles and companies. If you want to have useful conversations and build your network, look people in the eyes when you meet them and make the effort to be truly interested in their story.
  1. After the Event

What you do at the event only matters if you do the right follow-up after. Here are a few tricks to help make the most important part of your event-going experience easier.

  • Front load your follow-up work. You know that for the most part the next steps you’ll want to pursue after an event are a follow-on conversation, a thank-you note or providing/requesting some additional information. Draft versions of each of the emails before you attend the event and keep them handy for follow up.
  • Be relevant. Make sure that your notes are relevant to the people you follow up with and not overly generic. You’ll also want to send these notes soon after the event (don’t wait two weeks) and make sure to send a second follow-up!
  • Expand your reach. Draft a quick blog post summarizing your experience and takeaways from the event and share it on LinkedIn Pulse and Medium to reach folks you might not have connected with in person at the event.

However you decide to make the most of the event, we look forward to meeting you in Las Vegas! If you want to connect before or after the event, shoot us a note.

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