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6sense Launches Next Best Actions to Help Prospecting Teams Better Engage Target Accounts

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6sense, the leading Account Engagement Platform, today announced the beta release of Next Best Actions, an advanced capability that uses AI to present business development representatives (BDRs) with a prioritized list of recommended actions to engage the buying team within a target account. Part of 6sense Sales Intelligence, a module that provides rich behavioral and predictive data on account records within CRM, Next Best Actions delivers recommendations including which contacts to engage next, key talking points to use, and new contacts to find.

With a proprietary intent network of more than 3.5M B2B websites and a patented Company Graph that matches buying signals to accounts more accurately than any other vendor, 6sense already enables its customers to identify accounts with high buying propensity, gain deep insights on buyer behavior, and identify the buying center. With Next Best Actions, prospecting teams can now leverage machine learning to derive even greater value from 6sense’s account insights in an easier and more prescriptive way, taking the guesswork out of how to increase engagement with an account.

“6sense Next Best Actions has enabled our BDR team to eliminate manual tasks, increase the number of hyper-personalized emails and calls placed every day, and deliver higher quality engagement with key prospects,” said Ernest Owusu, Director of Sales Development at 6sense. “Not only are seasoned reps more productive, but we can also onboard new reps faster and rapidly help them become top performers by focusing their activity on what matters.”

The AI-based recommendations delivered by Next Best Actions are intended to help sales reps better engage target accounts for new and upsell business opportunities. This level of data-driven guidance is essential, as TOPO recently reported that only 48% of business development reps are consistently hitting quota.

With Next Best Actions, BDRs can:

  • Get daily recommendations of which people to focus on within a target account
  • Find relevant new contacts for key buyer personas on LinkedIn or LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • Add key contacts to a sales engagement platform for outreach
  • Easily view relevant talking points and information at the person or account level
  • Display history for all outreach and engagement activity with the contact

“The frontline of the revenue team is challenged with the abundance of tasks and contacts to engage an account,” said Amar Doshi, VP of Product at 6sense. “Ours is the only platform that aims to help sales prioritize actions, reduce manual effort, and maximize pipeline generation by leveraging AI out-of-the-box rather than a linear rules-based approach.”

As a further commitment to enabling BDR success, 6sense is hosting BDR Appreciation Week Feb. 24 – 28, 2020. 

To see for yourself how 6sense uncovers demand, matches accounts with anonymous behavior better than any other vendor, and provides AI-driven recommendations, visit

About 6sense

6sense’s Account Engagement Platform helps B2B organizations achieve predictable revenue growth by putting the power of AI, big data, and machine learning behind every member of the revenue team. 6sense uncovers anonymous buying behavior, prioritizes accounts for sales and marketing, and enables them to engage resistant buying teams with personalized, multi-channel, multi-touch campaigns. Led by Jason Zintak and founders Amanda KahlowViral BajariaPremal Shah and Srihari Kumar, 6sense helps revenue teams know everything they need to know about their buyers so they can easily do anything needed to generate more opportunities, increase deal size, get into opportunities sooner, and compete and win more often.

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