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6sense Announces 2022 Breakthrough Award Winners and Launches New Customer Community

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6sense®, the leading platform for B2B organizations generating predictable revenue, announced the winners of the fourth annual Breakthrough Awards and launched an entirely new customer community, RevCity™, during the customer conference. Breakthrough brings together revenue innovators in the B2B sales and marketing industry for three days of networking, interactive sessions, and learning, focusing on tackling relevant business challenges.

The annual customer conference doubled in size this year with more than 650 in-person attendees in Scottsdale, AZ for the four-day event that challenges all to “proceed with confidence.” This is 6sense’s largest in-person conference to date, and this year’s conference featured three keynote addresses, and 62 total sessions spanning 17 different session tracks, sponsored by 17 partners, along with 56 customer speakers sharing successful cutting-edge revenue-generating strategies.

“Being able to recognize the exceptional achievements of our customers as they navigate through their marketing and sales journeys is one of my favorite parts of Breakthrough each year,” said Sanjay Kini, Chief Customer Officer at 6sense. “These awards not only represent their impressive business success but also highlight the potential of all of the brands we are privileged to work with. 6sense is proud to recognize those that have demonstrated what it truly means to proceed with confidence.”

The Breakthrough Awards put a spotlight on the outstanding achievements across eight categories with finalists announced in early September. Kini unveiled the winners, highlighting the recipient’s ability to demonstrate measurable impact in their respective categories. Winners were based on organizational impact, platform knowledge, and creative use of 6sense Revenue AI for measurable outcomes.

The 2022 6sense Breakthrough Award honorees include:

  • Fastest Time to Value: Intercom, quickly incorporated new processes to achieve measurable value.
  • Data Clean Sweep: Zywave, successfully cleansed their “dirty data” to sell more efficiently.
  • Ecosystem Fusion: Ivanti, used integrations to dramatically improve revenue and marketing performance
  • Nimble Marketing:, whose lean marketing team uncovered clever ways to successfully drive business.
  • Efficiency Experts: Brightcove, Inc., used AI or automation to increase team-wide efficiency.
  • Sales Success: Hewlett Packard Enterprise, whose sales team uncovered game-changing impact on revenue.
  • Ad Campaign of the Year: Code42, built a successful, efficient campaign powered by creativity and precise targeting.
  • ABM Program of the Year: Cielo, showcased masterful account targeting, extraordinary efficiencies — and extraordinary results.

6sense Launches RevCity, New Customer Community

In addition, 6sense announced the launch of RevCity, an immersive community that serves professionals in B2B marketing, sales, and operations roles. This hub provides members the opportunity to collaborate on strategy, mindshare with industry peers, and develop skills to help their organizations optimize revenue. RevCity will offer ongoing workshops and monthly Ask Me Anything sessions to provide members with useful and evolving content. 

“RevCity is an opportunity for 6sense to provide an added layer of value to our customers by enabling them to connect with each other and share insights,” said Latané Conant, Chief Market Officer of 6sense. “This community of experts and achievers are brought together by a common goal and it is a part of our mission to ensure their ongoing growth and success in executing next-gen sales and marketing at scale.”

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