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6sense and Uberflip Partner to Deliver ABM at Scale

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6sense, the leading Account Based Orchestration Platform, powered by AI, announced today that it has extended its relationship with Uberflip, the leading content experience platform, to include new levels of content personalization for joint customers. 6sense’s ability to deliver company identification, full-funnel insights into buyer behavior, and an accurate prediction of the account’s buying stage can now be used to power dynamic content experiences within Uberflip.

Since modern B2B buyers consume up to seven pieces of content before engaging with a company, personalized content has become a critical component of a comprehensive, effective ABM strategy. This integration pushes essential personalization attributes like account, persona, timing, and branded and generic keywords being researched to adjust content streams within the Uberflip platform.

“Creating personalized experiences for all your target accounts is tough on its own, let alone knowing the right content to include to engage them with,” said Randy Frisch, CMO of Uberflip. “I am thrilled that through Uberflip and 6sense’s partnership this is now a reality for marketers. Joint customers can create content experiences powered by intent data at scale for hundreds or even thousands of accounts and ensure the right experiences are delivered to the right prospects at the right time.”

“As a two-time customer of Uberflip, I’m eager to put our joint solution to work. With 70% of the B2B buying journey happening before buyers even identify themselves, engaging them with a great content experience is challenging,” said Latane Conant, CMO of 6sense. “The power of 6sense combined with Uberflip enables revenue teams to identify in-market accounts early and deliver personalized content – and, ultimately, pipeline – with speed and ease.”

Joint customers are already taking advantage of this integration to scale ABM across their entire go-to-market strategy. “6sense and Uberflip provide predictive demand and personalized content experience at scale,” said Ed Breault, CMO of Aprimo. “Now, I have the insights to know the highest potential accounts and the predictability to generate new opportunities through personalized content experiences. ABM is not a separate strategy at Aprimo, it’s THE strategy.”

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