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The ‘6sensory Supper’

A Dining Experience to Stimulate All Five Six of Your Senses!

Join 6sense on April 20th in Boston at Harvest or April 27th in South Bay, CA at Plumed Horse, from 6:30 to 9:30 PM. 

Every component of this highly interactive, immersive, and informational six-course dinner will delight each of your senses, including:

  • Discover what opening champagne bottles with razor-sharp swords has in common with B2B sales… (You might be the one swinging the sword, by the way!)
  • Reveal secrets of the evening’s upcoming meal — much like how 6sense unveils anonymous buyer intent data hiding in plain sight…
  • Understand how a wine’s unique flavors are exactly like the bespoke needs of B2B buyers (and why website personalization and gifting are so important)…

* This event is INVITE-ONLY so please do not forward this page.

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