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Pipeline Intelligence Brings Data, Not Drama, to the RepTrak Team

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Pipeline Intelligence


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When Ali Jawin joined RepTrak as the head of Demand Generation, she had her work cut out. While RepTrak is the world’s leading reputation data and insights company, their marketing efforts did not match this caliber until Ali stepped in and shook things up with 6sense.

The initial results increased contract value and cut the average sales cycle length. However, Ali said, “I could say how we were doing, but I couldn’t say ‘Where are we going,’ and ‘Is this going to be enough?’”

So, in January 2022, RepTrak added 6sense’s Pipeline Intelligence to fill in the gaps. Since then, RepTrak has seen:

  • 7x Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)
  • 82% of pipeline sourced from marketing
  • 15% YoY pipeline increase

Pipeline Intelligence revealed discrepancies between marketing and sales pipeline quotas, allowing teams to realign and strategize based on accurate data. But, getting to this point required some cultural changes.

The Challenge: A Finger to the Wind

When Ali joined RepTrak, there was an overall distrust in marketing, conflicting data with sales, and a reliance on old-fashioned marketing tactics. So, she called 6sense for help.

“My team motto is data, not drama,” Ali said, “One of the great things about 6sense is that we can’t game the system.”

Initial 6sense implementation involved cleaning up the data and restoring trust by re-strategizing their paid media strategy and a 6sense-fueled revenue strategy, resulting in a:

  • 96% decrease in ad costs
  • 46% increase in ad engagement
  • 106% of pipeline quota goal
  • 22-day reduction in the sales cycle
  • 64% increase in contract value

While these results were great,  Ali said the strategy still felt like putting a finger to the wind. She knew exactly where the month needed to end in terms of pipeline generation but did not know the likelihood of getting there.

She said,  “My job is to generate pipeline, specifically marketing-sourced and influenced pipeline,” and needed more insights to know if her strategies were successful. So, RepTrak introduced 6sense Pipeline Intelligence in January 2022.

The first step to generating pipeline required aligning marketing and sales on data.

The Solution: Making Truth-based Decisions

Ali said the team was aligned on conversion rates but didn’t fully appreciate that they were based on ideals rather than what they actually were.

Pipeline Intelligence revealed that in order to hit revenue goals, pipeline targets needed to be about 30% higher. RepTrak found this out in January 2022, after the board approved all the targets and numbers.

“We can’t make good business decisions if we don’t have the truth,” Ali said.

Ali readjusted her team’s pipeline goals with the new Pipeline Intelligence data. All teams were aligned on RepTrak’s two main drivers of pipeline: organic and LinkedIn ads.

RepTrak also discovered that APAC was outperforming EMEA and NA. So, they reallocated the budget to focus more on APAC, allowing the team to hit 300% of H1 pipeline goals.

Navigating the Market Storm

At first, Pipeline Intelligence created some dissonance between RepTrak’s sales and marketing teams because they realized how misaligned they were on data.

Ali said, “One of the great things about Pipeline Intelligence is that the way it works isn’t mysterious.”

Now, she said the sales team understands and accepts the numbers Pipeline Intelligence revealed are accurate.

“It’s a huge organizational mind shift, and we’re still very much in the process of it,” Ali said.

Pipeline Intelligence showed RepTrak exactly where to close gaps, which empowered the team to adjust the budget accordingly.

Now, Ali said Pipeline Intelligence has deepened team trust and the ability to be impactful.

The Results: Restored Team Relationships

RepTrak is a veteran 6sense user but adding Pipeline Intelligence in January 2022 to foster even more confidence in pipeline generation strategies.

Through 6sense, RepTrak cleaned up data, removed competition between marketing and sales, and optimized their budget.

The results are staggering:

  • 7x return on advertising spend
  • 82% sourced pipeline by marketing
  • Hit 100% of goal in Q1
  • 15% YoY pipeline increase

About the Customer

The RepTrak Company™ is the world’s leading Reputation data and insights company. They provide the only global platform for data-driven insights on Reputation, Brand, and ESG. Their proprietary RepTrak® model is the global standard for measuring and analyzing the sentiment of the world using proven data science models and machine learning techniques across industries and geographies.

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