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Manufacturer NanaWall Gains the Competitive Edge with 6sense

Corte Madera, CA
Revenue AI for Marketing

NanaWall, a major manufacturer of opening glass wall systems, isn’t a newcomer to Account-Based Marketing (ABM). In fact, the industry leader used an account-based approach to sales and marketing before “ABM” was a common phrase.

For years, NanaWall’s revenue team paired its ABM strategy with a few predictive analytics tools that helped score opportunities. But 6sense dramatically improved the team’s efficiency and impact by empowering it to:

  • Capture information about website visitors
  • Trace non-click ad engagement
  • Evaluate ad placement
  • Coordinate marketing and sales efforts

The Challenge

The manufacturing industry isn’t a big user of martech, which had been a longtime competitive differentiator for NanaWall.

But as ABM and predictive analytics technologies continually improved, NanaWall sought to maintain its industry-leading position. It took a look at 6sense.

6sense’s ability to combine account fit and engagement scoring especially intrigued stakeholders at Nanawall. Other solutions simply focused on account fit.

Benefits Drive Insights & Growth

NanaWall became an enthusiastic user of 6sense. The list of benefits its revenue team discovered underscores why its efforts have been so successful. 6sense can:

  • Extend predictive solutions in existing CRMs
  • Create campaigns and segments hyper-targeted to accounts
  • Exclude accounts from display
  • Build dynamic segments that learn and adjust to criteria
  • Establish filters to bubble up people or accounts ready for attention

That last one is one of Rapolla’s favorites. “This feature is really awesome because we don’t have to re-analyze our audience and create new, static buckets,” he says. “We establish filters that automatically feed people or accounts into a segment that meets them when they need to be met.”

Making the Invisible Visible

6sense’s engagement analytics made an enormous — and immediate — difference for NanaWall. While there are tried-and-true tactics that produce good leads for follow-up, buyers continually conduct research in ways that selling teams can’t see.

“There’s so much engagement that happens on the website, and since people don’t fill out forms, we don’t know who they are,” Rapolla says. “And if we don’t know who they are, we don’t have the ability to target them when that engagement happens. Using 6sense to uncover this data is big.”

Advertising Success Beyond Click-Through Rates

6sense’s digital ad capabilities are also a game-changer for NanaWall. The platform delivers robust insights on campaign performance, including account view-through rate.

VTR offers more actionable information than traditional click-through rate information does. This is because VTR reveals the accounts that are seeing NanaWall’s ads but aren’t necessarily clicking through.

Before 6sense, NanaWall assumed that when ad campaigns didn’t generate a high click-through rate weren’t working. But with 6sense, stakeholders can now see when accounts exposed to those ads (but didn’t click through) visit the company’s website anyway.

This additional intent data helps inform valuable next steps for NanaWall’s revenue team.

The Results

NanaWall has extended its use of 6sense to the entire revenue team. Now the sales team interprets and leverage marketing-campaign data to guide hyper-targeted, account-based outreach.

NanaWall’s industry-leading use of 6sense transformed its ability to reach and evaluate accounts. Its teams can now:

  • Break down the invisible wall around website visitors
  • Follow ad effectiveness without click-through rates
  • Ensure ad placement on reputable sites
  • Unite efforts across marketing and sales

And stakeholders like working with 6sense, too.

“Beyond the capabilities of the platform, a core influencer for choosing 6sense is working with the people,” Rapolla says. “Our use case is very unique and atypical. So we needed a little more attention, even though we are a small company. We were able to get that from 6sense.”

About the Customer

For over 30 years, NanaWall Systems has pioneered the category of opening glass wall systems. The company has earned the trust of architects, builders, design professionals and homeowners as a custom solution for re-imagining how buildings, people and the elements interact.

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