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How Drift Helped with STANLEY’s Transformative ABE Strategy: 6sense Austin Recap

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Stanley Security

During our recent 6sense Austin Recap, Justin Keller, VP of Revenue Marketing at Drift, interviewed Waseem Kawaf, STANLEY Security’s Global VP of Digital Experience, about STANLEY’s Account-Based Experience (ABE) strategy.

STANLEY Security is the integrated security solutions division of STANLEY Black & Decker. With decades of experience, STANLEY is an industry leader, delivering a comprehensive suite of security products, software and integrated systems.

The Challenge

During a marketing rebrand and relaunch, STANLEY Security revisited its martech stack. “The CX professionals were all telling me, ‘You’ve got to go with [on-site] chat. You’ll learn a lot from chat. Do it,’” Kawaf said.

Initially Kawaf was leery, but since the team was already making shifts and changes, STANLEY brought in Drift.

What the team discovered was that Drift wasn’t just a chatbot. It was a huge source of information and intent data.

And all that data needed to be managed and put to work.

Why ABE Matters to Revenue

Kawaf appreciates ABE because it helps his team consider the customer across the life cycle. Marketing, sales, and customer success must work in lockstep to accelerate and preserve revenue.

“It’s six times more expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to retain your existing customer,” said Kawaf. ABE means making sure the attention isn’t just on sales and net-new, but allowing for complete customer focus.

STANLEY Security’s martech stack, as Kawaf explained it, is less of a stack and more of a daisy chain, with systems connecting and feeding information to each other. This enabled the revenue team to work on that total account experience across the lifecycle:

  • LinkedIn Insights connects to 6sense…
  • Which feeds into Drift…
  • Which goes to Marketo…
  • and so on

Kawaf explained how orchestrating and segmenting in 6sense allows for precise targeting, alerting the sales team when an account is on the site, so salespeople know what kind of messaging is needed.

All Eyes on the Customer

And with 6sense at the center to coordinate its programs, the revenue team can work multiple angles, taking care of both prospects and customers.

Watch the rest of Kawaf and Keller’s conversation on ABE and martech here.

About the Customer

STANLEY Security, a division of Stanley Black & Decker (NYSE: SWK), is a global provider of integrated security, health and safety solutions and services. With more than 200 locations, serving six continents, STANLEY is trusted by customers across the globe for innovative solutions; seamless installation and integration; reliable maintenance; 24/7 monitoring; and insightful analytics.

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