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6sense Fuels 800X ROI on Ad Spend for Five9

San Ramon, CA
Revenue AI for Marketing

>800X ROI

on ad spend


increase in engagement from key accounts

The Five9 customer engagement platform helps companies manage and optimize their customer interactions across communication channels from voice to SMS and more. In turn, this helps brands improve both their customer and employee experience.

Despite being in an ultra-competitive sector, Five9 has achieved solid success. However, as they grew, they started to suffer under the weight of a complex and ultimately ineffective MarTech stack and too many manuals and disconnected processes. By switching to the 6sense Revenue AI™ platform, Five9 has realized:

  • >800X ROI on ad spend
  • >3X increase in engagement from key accounts
  • New stream of leads for LDRs, BDRs, and reps

The Challenge

Before Five9 implemented 6sense, they used a daisy-chain of marketing technologies for customer relationship management, marketing automation, web personalization, and intent data. The system worked well enough, but Five9 could not effectively:

  • Integrate data among these disparate systems
  • Personalize online user experiences
  • Orchestrate engagement with their accounts
  • Identify at scale the right accounts for sales to work on vs. the accounts for marketing to build awareness, perception, and preference

Team members realized they were spending too much time manually tying data together on spreadsheets and sharing them via email.

Second-time 6sense customer Jayashree Rajan, VP of Marketing at Five9, proposed implementing 6sense to centralize the Five9[GM1]  MarTech stack and have end-to-end data flow. Management was excited to eliminate manual inefficiencies and equip LDRs, BDRs, and first-line sellers with fresh, real-time insights from account activity and intent data online.

Early Returns

Five9 had a clear view of its sales targets and was experiencing above-market results – but incorporating 6sense’s intent data into its revenue engine was a revelation, illuminating additional opportunities to influence revenue growth.

The Digital Marketing team at Five9 partnered with SalesOps and Sales and ran several different ABM plays that saw great results in the first two-quarters of the 6Sense roll-out.

Co-Branded Campaigns with stunning ROI

Perhaps the most dramatic early result involved a co-branded marketing initiative. The ad campaign targeted key accounts that used Five9 partner technologies. It consisted exclusively of a 6sense ABM display advertising effort, which cost only $2000 in ad spend and didn’t involve emails, events, or other touches.

That small investment resulted in:

  • 145 accounts reached
  • 45 newly engaged accounts after the campaign launch
  • Overall account engagement increased by 3.25X times after the campaign
  • 825X in influenced pipeline generated after ad campaign

Vertical campaigns doubling as lead gen vehicles

Another recent campaign that the team launched targeted customers in the retail vertical. This time the team used 6Sense segments with LinkedIn to serve targeted advertisements.

Within three weeks of launching the campaign, 3000 accounts were touched, with 17 large household retail brands immediately increasing engagement. This campaign also doubled as a lead gen campaign and has already delivered double-digit leads to BDRs.

Driving new TQLs to sales

Perhaps the best ABM extension that the Five9 marketing team did was to use ABM intent signals to identify trending accounts and contacts in their marketing automation platform, associated with those and parsing and routing the ones that were not previously pursued by LDRs.

“We dashboarded the results to look at many of our non-TQLs or Total Qualified Leads (Five9’s equivalent of MQLs) in a new light,” Rajan explained.

Slack Channel-Level Interest

The excitement around ABM and 6sense immediately spread throughout the Five9 revenue team. As a result, Five9 recently created a dedicated company Slack channel to organize the barrage of team members’ eager questions and ideas around ABM.

“There’s been a ton of interest and interaction on this topic,” Rajan said. “Everything from requests for training to sales team members sending us the names of accounts they want marketing to target with 6sense. The word is out that the platform can help uncover and land deals and even help differentiate us with partners. What is more, we just kicked off a new competition in partnership with 6sense to award two lucky BDRs every two weeks for meetings booked using 6sense. We are looking for some nice wins for the business and our people!”

The Results

By bringing 6sense onboard, Five9 was able to streamline its complicated MarTech stack and put its focus where it matters. The company’s results demonstrate that value:

  • A single ad campaign producing >800X ROI
  • 6QA producing several million in pipeline in 2 quarters
  • New source of leads for LDR teams

About the Customer

Five9 is an industry-leading provider of cloud contact center solutions, bringing the power of cloud innovation to more than 2,500 customers worldwide and facilitating billions of call minutes annually.

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