6sense + Drift

Stretch your investments further with AI-powered conversational marketing.


Power Drift with 6sense

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Turn Conversations into Conversions

Consider all the effort spent driving visitors to your website, but what happens once they get there?

Visitors crave relevant experiences that reflect their interests and concerns — and you want them to convert.

Using our one-click Drift Integration, you can now deliver aha! experiences that drive form fills and open opportunities in real-time.

Build your Drift strategy using industry-leading 6sense intent data and audience segments to automate experiences that optimize performance and combat capacity issues.

Win Together

Make the Most of Every Conversation

Convert web visitors into opportunities in minutes with AI-driven insights. Leverage 6sense data to automate prioritize the right conversations. Setup dynamic audience segments within 6sense and connect them to your Drift playbooks within seconds.

With 6sense and Drift, you can deliver personalization that actually feels personal. Learn the 3 Rs to prove your ABM strategy is right on track in our new Ebook with Drift.

  • De-anonymize website traffic and match visitors to accounts
  • Use 6sense segments to target your Drift playbooks
  • Know when target accounts visit your website and route in sales
  • Enrich conversations with buying stage predictions and intent data

Turn your website into a revenue engine with 6sense & Drift