Texcell is a dedicated partner for biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies since more than 2 decades. Thanks to an unique combination of expertise in Virology and Immunology, we can provide a full... support to your product development from the proof of concept to clinical studies and GMP manufacturing. Our state-of the Art facilities are located in France, Germany and in the US where we use most recent technologies to efficiently perform a wide range of assays What do we provide ? A specialized analytical lab for your preclinical and clinical studies, including: - Cell based assays/potency assays during development - Immunogenicity, TK/PK, ADA and neutralizing Antibody Testing - Immunotoxicology studies - Sample pre analytics: serum/plasma isolation, PBMC isolation & storage - Biobanking - Read-outs: ELISA, ECLIA, Flow cytometry, ELISpot, HAI, proliferation... Texcell Viral Safety lab: Expertise in biosafety of biological and pharmaceutical products. - Virus/TSE Validation - Viral Clearance study - 25 model viruses available - spiking in L2 and L3 labs... - Viral safety testing - a complete range of tests (NGS, in vitro, in vivo, TEM, Q-PCR…) to characterize cell banks and ensure microbiological safety (viruses, mycoplasma, etc…). - Cell and Gene therapy (ATMPs) and Biodistribution/biodissemination - experience with adenovirus, retrovirus, lentivirus... - Virucidal Norm and cleaning validation - Standard Toxicology and Medical Device Biocompatibility studies (ISO 10993) Texcell GMP cell bank facility: Expertise in handling and growing more than one hundred mammalian cell lines. - Production of RCB, MCB and WCB in GMP - Modern class B and class C cell culture room - Dedicated class B room to fill automatically cells in vials - Culture of adherent and suspension cell line with single use disposable - Viral safety control of cell banks performed directly in-house For more information visit www.texcell.com. Read more

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    Frederick, Maryland, United States,

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TEXCELL Technology Stack

Find prospects by the technologies they use. Use this section to learn more about the key technologies and tools used by TEXCELL and how they affect the user interaction and engagement with the company. Explore 31 technologies across 15 categories used by TEXCELL

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JavaScript is the programming language of HTML and the Web.

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jQuery is a cross-platform JavaScript library designed to simplify the client-side scripti...

Font Awesome
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Font Awesome makes it easy to add vector icons and social logos to their website.

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Bootstrap is a free and open-source front-end framework for designing websites and web app...

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Gravatar is a service for providing globally unique avatars and was created by Tom Preston...

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Polyfill as-a-service detects and returns a JavaScript bundle of polyfills based on the cu...

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Study Director

Texcell-North America, a growing company located in Frederick, MD, is seeking a Study Director position. Texcell-North America is ...

Maryland, United States

Quality Assurance Associate

Texcell-North America, a growing company located in Frederick, MD, is a Contract Research Organization providing GLP Viral Clearan...

Maryland, United States

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Hiring Categories of TEXCELL

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Explore frequently asked questions about TEXCELL’s business, including founding details, header quarters, information on technology stack, industry listing, and other details.

What is TEXCELL's official website?

The official website of TEXCELL is texcell.com You can find their contact number, email address, and headquarters by clicking here.

How many employees are working at TEXCELL?

6sense keeps track of 50 - 99 employees who are working at TEXCELL. You can find more about their employees through LinkedIn or their website using 6sense Chrome Extension. Also, check out the jobs and hiring category at TEXCELL mentioned earlier on this page to identify which sector the company is growing.

What industry is TEXCELL in?

TEXCELL is in the industry of Pharmaceuticals.

What is TEXCELL's tech stack?

The top technologies used by TEXCELL are JavaScript , jQuery and Font Awesome . You can also explore 31 technologies across 15 categories used by TEXCELL mentioned earlier on this page.

Where are TEXCELL's headquarters?

TEXCELL headquarters are at Frederick, Maryland, United States. To know the exact address unlock now.