ABM + Predictive Sales Enablement with the Oracle Eloqua Sales Tools Extensions Launch

As sales teams look to their marketing counterparts in an ABM world for enablement and insight, it’s getting increasingly important to have a centralized view of account engagement. No sales team [...]

Jewel, a CFO and 2,500 B2B Marketers Walk Into a Room…

As the CFO of a software company, the prospect of attending a three-day B2B marketing conference can be daunting. Where do I fit in amid a sea of marketers? Fortunately, the SiriusDecisions 2017 [...]

The Day of the Fish: B2B ESP 2016 Recap

In the words of B2B ESP keynote speaker Andrew Davis, “Marketers are addicts – always chasing a high.” Whether it’s a spike in traffic from a website redesign, an increase in engagement [...]

MIT Technology Conference Recap: Artificial Intelligence Will Remove Ego from Tech

At the recent MIT Technology Conference on February 20, our founder and CEO Amanda Kahlow took the stage with a panel to discuss how artificial intelligence (AI) will change the face of the workplace.