What Good Data Can Do

Data data everywhere, but how are we applying it to real-word scenarios to improve and inform our world? Here are 6 powerful uses we’ve identified.

Leveraging Data: Why It’s Important for Enterprises to Separate Matching from Prediction

Over the last six months, the predictive analytics space for B2B marketing and sales has seen a real positive spike in momentum from a vendor advancement and customer awareness perspective.

A Moment to Be Thankful for the ‘Godfather' of 6sense

Michael Metz ran Web Marketing and Strategy at Cisco for 8 years from the late 90’s up to a few years ago. Mike (and his go to manager Helen Lechner) saw the promise data long before ‘big data’ [...]

"In God We Trust. All Others Bring Data"

There’s an awful lot of talk about data, and CMOs and CIOs of “intelligent enterprises” are wise to say, “Show me.” Data can prove or disprove hunches and shine a light on bad strategy or poor [...]

Trend #2: Long Gone are the Days of Siloed Marketing and Value-less Data

No single-channel solution can survive...Your buyers aren’t going to just one place -- the journey is complex, across many channels. We need to connect the dots across channels, build complex [...]

Trend #1: Artificial intelligence proliferates B2B marketing and sales

It’s not news that we are in the dawn of the machine intelligence era across all industries, all verticals. Artificial intelligence will disrupt every interaction, every industry, and will be at [...]

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