The Next-Generation CMO’s Revenue-Driven Approach to Marketing

Buyer visibility impacts every aspect of marketing and sales. Without insight into who your buyer is, what their needs are and what their journey looks like, marketing and sales must expend far [...]

How PGi Achieves Marketing-Sales Alignment, Consistently Grows Pipeline and Takes the Guesswork out of ABM with 6sense

With all the new technologies that enable B2B marketers to use the sharp minds they were born with, it really is a whole lot more fun than it used to be. There are so many new tools and solutions [...]

Content is King, Data is Queen – and Timing Holds the Court Together: B2B ESP

The premier predictive intelligence summit, B2B ESP is only three weeks away! To get ready for the event, we wanted to take the pulse of the current state of big data, predictive intelligence and [...]

Marketing Must-Do’s: What's Trending for Today’s B2B CMOs

In her piece, What B2B CMOs Will Face Tomorrow – 5 Emerging Trends, Christine Crandell outlines five trends identified in a recent Marketo-commissioned CMO survey. The two trends that caught our [...]

CMO Survey: Bigger Budgets to Spend Across the Buyer’s Journey

Content is still king, according to a recent survey of 100 CMOs (B2B and B2C) conducted by IBM and the CMO Club. And that’s where the dollars will go. The study looked to measure CMOs future [...]

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