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You’re Ready for 6sense, but Your Buying Team Isn’t There Yet. Here’s Some Help.

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Here’s the scenario: You’ve seen how 6sense boosts ROI and makes it easier for sales and marketing teams to hit goals. You’re ready to bring that power to your business. But first, you need to convince the rest of your buying team that this is the right investment and will serve everyone’s interests. That’s easier said than done.

At 6sense, we refer to people in your shoes as “mobilizers” — a team member who is working to inform and influence other decision-makers. You have your team’s respect. You know not only your immediate needs, but the needs of others in the organization. You see a win-win, and are working to make it reality.

Here are some ways to bring others onboard.

Answering the ‘What’s In It For Me?’ Question

The surest way to influence people is to understand their challenges and point them to solutions. You need answers to such questions as, How is adding a new piece of technology going to affect me? and How will I benefit?

Here’s a quick look at some of the ways 6sense can help people on different roles:


Marketing Executive

Challenges: Often feel like they take the backseat when developing product vision and Go-to-Market strategy. May feel that sales representatives are not taking advantage of marketing insights, hurting win rates.

Benefits: Most likely to be interested in creating better audiences, digital research, personalization, proactive prospecting, and advanced analytics.

Head of Demand Gen

Challenges: Account targeting, attribution, lead quality, outdated contact info.

Benefits: Creating better audiences, targeted nurture and outreach, visitor retargeting, de-anonymized web visits.

Digital Experience Manager

Challenges: Overcoming data silos, time-consuming data integrations, manual data reconciliation, tracking account-level data, personalization.

Benefits: Single source of truth for customer data, content personalization.


Sales Executive

Challenges: Unreliable data that makes it difficult to plan territories and hiring, losing deals to competitors or to customer indecision, lack of consensus with marketing on which accounts to target, pressure to deliver consistent and predictable growth.

Benefits: Insights into which accounts have started the buying process allows marketing and sales to align on the accounts to target, predictive analytics helps forecast deal flow and plan territories, AI-driven prioritization that helps sales reps take the next best actions to drive revenue.

Account Executive

Challenges: Pressure to meet quota, unreliable data for gaining insights into accounts and which accounts to prioritize.

Benefits: Consistent data, insights into account buying stage, insights into account topics of interest, quick and easily actionable data, easy contact acquisition.

Business Development Leader

Challenges: Quickly onboarding and training new business development representatives, personalizing outreach at scale, consistently hitting pipeline goals.

Benefits: Intent data and buying stage intelligence helps new BDRs have better conversations with prospects who are more likely to buy, AI-driven prioritization signals help focus efforts.


VP of Revenue Operations

Challenges: Misalignment of teams and data that hinders results — siloed data, siloed teams, inconsistent processes.

Benefits: Smooth integration of tech stack to create a master customer database that acts as a single source of truth, provide more accurate and up-to-date data to sales and marketing teams, stronger teamwork.

Get Them Started on Their Own Path

Okay, so you’ve got their attention. Now it’s time to really drive the point home. Here are some good starting points for research, depending on which department your colleague is in:

Other impactful resources include a Forrester TEI Study that demonstrates the ROI impact of 6sense, and our Deep Dive Into the Dark Funnel, which explains how 6sense is able to capture the data that powers revenue growth for customers.

Working closely with allies from the 6sense team, you can create a strategy for handling objections and showcasing the value of the platform for all stakeholders.


We love that you’re enthusiastic about 6sense, and understand the ways we can help your company. Now it’s time to bring other people onboard. We’ll share a lot of relevant information with you and the members of your buying team, but you are an incredibly valuable ally.

We’ve grown into a tech unicorn by retaining over 90% of our customers year-over-year, not counting net new growth. That’s because customers love the breakthroughs we help them achieve. And they like our people, too!

The 6sense Team

6sense helps B2B organizations achieve predictable revenue growth by putting the power of AI, big data, and machine learning behind every member of the revenue team.

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