Want More B2B Leads? Here’s How AI Can Fix It

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Apr 18, 2022
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As artificial intelligence technologies continue to develop, many B2B revenue teams find it easier than ever to narrow down and identify likely leads. AI can help you: Find more prospects...

As artificial intelligence technologies continue to develop, many B2B revenue teams find it easier than ever to narrow down and identify likely leads. AI can help you:

  • Find more prospects
  • Engage with them
  • Weed out leads and prospects that may not have an interest in your brand
  • Focus on your most promising leads

Read on to discover how AI-driven insights for lead-gen increases sales rates,  and uncovers more (and more valuable) B2B leads coming to your brand.

Uncover Prospects You Never Would Have Even Considered

AI can spot patterns in your customer data that humans may never see. And then it uses those patterns to find sales opportunities that humans would never expect.

The power of AI is especially clear when it comes to finding — and sealing — gaps in human awareness or decision-making. For instance:

  • Trends in customer attributes continuously shift, but your salespeople may never notice them (especially if they occur gradually)
  • You may also discover segments of your target audience spread over multiple salespeople
  • This increases the difficulty of clearly identifying those segments on your own

Consider these questions when you’re looking for more B2B leads:

  • Do you have customers coming from a specific industry on a regular basis?
  • Are your sales to a specific size of business growing more than you anticipated?
  • Do your customers have something unexpected in common that may change the way you approach them?
  • Is there a growing segment of your target audience that may need more of your attention?

AI can help you look at trends for your current customers and your prospects. This helps you identify audiences you may not previously have considered, enabling you to customize your advertising efforts.

It also helps you learn more about your existing audience and its needs.

Engage With Thousands of Prospects at Once

Top-of-the-funnel outreach remains a critical part of driving more B2B leads and sales. Unfortunately, it’s also a time-consuming part of the sales process.

AI streamlines those top-of-the-funnel communications. Whether prospects are on your website or conducting research on third-party sites across the internet, AI can analyze those “digital footprints” and help create tailored messages to targeted accounts.

Using AI at the top of the funnel offers additional advantages:

  • Create multiple contacts with interested decision-makers, getting them ready to make a decision.
  • Customize content to the prospect so they’ll encounter content that speaks directly to their needs and concerns
  • You don’t have to assign team members to early-funnel prospects; AI can handle those tasks

Personalized Messaging

And with AI, you can provide customers with personalized digital experiences, starting from the first time they visit your website. They’ll see information that clearly addresses their specific pain points.

You can personalize by:

  • Company
  • Needs
  • Location
  • Position within the company
  • And much more

You Don’t Really Need ‘Leads’ Anymore

AI can help you get a better look at the overall engagement of your prospects, too.

Many B2B revenue teams define “leads” as someone who completed a website fill-form.  But the provided info rarely provides truly useful information about the potential lead. Do they really want to talk to you … or did they just want to access that sweet, sweet ebook?

In fact, the 98% of prospects who never complete a fill-form — and never will — are often way more interested in your brand than someone who’s visited your site once, signed up to download your content, and never returned.

These folks are spending much more time browsing your website, consuming lots of your other content, and investigating other solutions. They may already be eager to invest in your products or services. With an AI-powered account engagement platform, you can illuminate these hidden buyer-intent signals and map them to the right prospects.

How 6sense Can Help

6sense’s platform can help you track prospects’ actual engagement and their likelihood of making a purchase. Then you can focus on the clients who most need your services. You can take advantage of greater insights into your prospects and leads than ever before.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you transform your approach to lead generation and nurturing to generate more B2B sales — not just more B2B leads.