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Three Actionable Steps for Dark Funnel Devotees

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As we’ve learned in this blog series highlighting key findings from our new interactive ebook, shining a light on the otherwise invisible Dark Funnel of buyer intent is novel to say the least. 

But Dark Funnel visibility is much more than a neat trick. It’s a game-changer that revenue teams should operationalize — and really put into regular use — to forge the best outcomes for all parties.

Value Drivers

For this final installment in our recap series, we wanted to provide three ways illuminating your Dark Funnel can dramatically improve your revenue team’s efficiency and sales velocity:

  • Preventing uncontested losses
  • Validating visible buyer journeys
  • Personalizing sales and marketing motions

Preventing Uncontested Losses

Your company (probably) isn’t in the Fortune 100, which means it doesn’t benefit from that kind of global brand recognition. Buyer intent for your brand will be more subtle. Use world-class revenue technologies to highlight relevant buyer signals within your Dark Funnel. This way you don’t miss out on engagement opportunities.

Validating Visible Buyer Journeys

Some solution providers can find themselves awash in prospects with no clear way to distinguish real buyers from the casually curious. These brands often experience a high level of user on-site content consumption, but no meaningful engagement beyond that.

Sellers that experience this can leverage Dark Funnel visibility to better understand visitors’ intentions. The signals they may find can reveal not one buyer from an account consuming content, but their entire buying team. This can reveal much higher buyer interest than previously thought. 

Personalizing Sales and Marketing Motions

B2B buyers expect their purchasing experiences to match the context-rich, personalized experiences they have in the consumer space. It’s hard for a revenue team to provide such white-glove service when buyers don’t want to share their information.

Again, here’s where illuminating your Dark Funnel really helps. The details that emerge can help tailor messaging and content to increase the likelihood that your digital ads, emails, and phone calls will be warmly received.

Check out the Ebook

If you want to learn much more about the Dark Funnel and the game-changing intent data that can be extracted from it, check out our interactive A Deep Dive Into the Dark Funnel ebook now.

The 6sense Team

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