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The Infectious Potential of Mindfulness

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CEO Jason Zintak reflects on the unbridled optimism that he is experiencing — along with our employees, customers and partners — in light of 6sense’s recent Breakthrough customer event, and the company receiving several noteworthy awards.

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind, and in the best possible way. And they’ve reminded me once again of the undeniable, world-changing power of people, positivity, and community.

It began in Austin, the site for our annual Breakthrough customer conference. Nearly 300 on-site attendees — and many hundreds more online — joined us to connect with peers, be inspired, uplevel their revtech knowledge, and have some fun, 6sense style.

There, I delivered a keynote address on the future of the industry-wide RevTech Revolution we’re leading, and incredible growth 6sense itself is experiencing, thanks in great part to the ongoing, vociferous support of our customers.

But long before I gave that keynote, I received a humbling reminder of the infectious positivity of our employees and customer community. When I arrived in Austin for Breakthrough, the 6sense team — and dozens of our customers and partners — had been on-site and mingling for about three days. I stepped up to the hotel front desk to check in.

After taking my name and recognizing I was with 6sense, the receptionist smiled and said, “Can I tell you something? Everyone at your event has been so kind, thoughtful, and gracious. Everyone. Not just your people.”

She meant not just 6sense employees. She was talking about partner sponsors, customers, and other attendees — literally everyone associated with our events. 

“And I’m not the only one saying that,” she continued. Much of the hotel staff were marveling about us behind the scenes, she explained. The vibe was clear: There’s just something astonishingly singular about our community. 

Walking away from the counter, I was awed and delighted … and yet not completely surprised. I’ve heard this before, and it never gets old. One of 6sense’s key company values is mindfulness. We look for it in the people we hire, and we strive to exemplify it every day as we show up for our customers, our partners, and each other.

Our people, and company values such as mindfulness and others, have shaped a unique culture of sincerity and goodness (and more than a little playfulness, too!) that others sense and gravitate toward.

They want to be part of it. And this participation grows into something remarkable

I saw that time and again at Breakthrough. There, our team shared our own stories, struggles, and successes. We also shared the undeniably impressive trajectory of the company — both in regards to our product roadmap for 2022 and the company’s growth.

More importantly, our customers shared their own success stories in over a dozen breakout sessions. There was a kind of electricity in the air during these conversations … an invisible current of unstoppable possibility. Of unbridled optimism.

There in Austin, our customers repeatedly told us that they believe in our team. They cheered on our development team and the innovations they have and will continue to create. This kind of feedback, and the bonds between 6sense and our customers, clearly transcend a simple transactional relationship.

Our customers are rooting for us. That’s rare. That’s precious. And it’s an honor and responsibility that we take very seriously.

Again, I feel awe and delight. So to our customers, we all at 6sense say: We hear you. Keep talking. Keep sharing your goals and input with us.

The past few weeks are also noteworthy because 6sense earned multiple corporate awards within the span of just four days. Four of them — Best Company for Diversity, Best Company for Women, Best Company Culture, and Best CEO — hailed from Comparably, an organization that provides visibility into companies, their cultures, and other important factors (such as market compensation). The fifth, Top Cloud-Computing Company to Work For by Battery Ventures, was based on employee feedback to the Glassdoor platform.

These awards we received are the kind that really matter. They reflect the values we embrace every day as an organization. And they also reflect the investments and efforts we’ve made in recent years to create a culture where everyone feels they belong. One where every voice feels empowered, heard, and valued.

And so, to our team here at 6sense I also say: I hear you. Keep talking. Keep sharing your goals and input with me and other 6sense leaders.

As our customers and partners rally ever-closer to the RevTech Revolution with 6sense, I’m especially eager to witness (and contribute to) the fundamental transformation of how our sales, marketing, and customer success teams come together to deliver increasingly better experiences for everyone — especially our customers.

The enthusiasm I’ve recently seen among our customers is real. It’s genuine. And it contributes to the inspiration and creative thinking that fuels our dedication to helping 6sense customers achieve explosive, predictable revenue growth.

And it fuels the passion within our own employee community, ensuring that everything we do means something, that it counts, and that it aligns with our company values.

I’m deeply grateful to our customers, partners, and employees for sharing their passion and belief in 6sense — and each other.

This convergence of people, positivity, and community rarely happens. But when it does — and when the power it generates is applied mindfully and positively — it leads to the kind of change that transforms lives … and the world around us, too.

Jason Zintak

Jason Zintak

As CEO of 6sense, Jason Zintak leads the company’s mission to transform B2B Sales and Marketing experiences through AI, big data and machine learning. Since joining 6sense in 2017, the company has grown astronomically by every measure. The original team of 50 now numbers over 1,300. Revenue growth has soared from 30% YoY to 100+% four years and counting. And, net revenue retention exceeds 125%. In 2022, 6sense raised Series E funding of $200M at a valuation of $5.2B. Under Jason’s leadership, 6sense has been recognized for market-defining technology by Forbes Cloud 100, Inc. 5000, Gartner, Forrester, and customer review platforms G2 and TrustRadius. The company has also received recognition for its strong culture by Glassdoor, Inc. Magazine, and Comparably. In addition, Jason was named a Best CEO by both Glassdoor and Comparably.

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