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The Dark Funnel Living Within Your Own Systems — What to Know

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As we’ve shared insights from our new interactive ebook during the past few weeks, it’s become clear that most of the hidden buyer-intent data hindering the progress of revenue teams originates from publicly available sources.

What’s less known, however, is that objects in this Dark Funnel™ may be closer than they appear.

Unlike public third-party blogs and trade publications — which help buyers stay anonymous as they conduct online research — your very own martech stack probably houses actionable buyer-intent data that you’re completely unaware of.

We call this vital info internal Dark Funnel data, and your revenue team can’t afford to overlook it.

The Dark Funnel Data Hiding in Plain Sight

Dark Funnel data often hides within three internal systems:

  • Your company website
  • Software like your CRM and MAP
  • Custom analytics

Deciphering these hidden signals can reveal when it’s time to approach existing customers about renewals, cross-sell, and upsell opportunities.

Your Company Website

Identifying website visitors has become so challenging, revenue teams depend almost exclusively on form-fills to generate qualified leads. That’s not the best approach, especially since less than 5% of website visitors fill out forms. 

Nobody believes the rest of those visitors are accidental tourists. Many are legit prospects, gathering intel as part of a group buying process. De-anonymizing that traffic and tracing it back to its roots helps determine an account’s business needs.

CRM and MAP Software

Similarly, there are probably unseen buyer-readiness signals hiding in your customer relationship management database and marketing automation platform. 

Well-integrated CRM and MAP technologies can capture and connect your customer intent data. This provides key intel, such as when customers make personnel changes. Such changes can affect the state of your partnership.

Custom Analytics 

If your B2B solution has a technological component, you may be sitting on another untapped gold mine. Capturing customer data from these sources — such as attitudes, usage, and more — can improve your partnerships. This empowers you to better serve your audience’s interests.

Check out the Ebook

If you want to learn much more about the Dark Funnel and the game-changing intent data that can be extracted from it, check out our interactive A Deep Dive Into the Dark Funnel ebook now.

The 6sense Team

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