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TalkingSense with Sam Jacobs: On Success, Achievement, And Leadership

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TalkingSense host and 6sense CMO Latané Conant knows everyone who’s anyone in revenue generation — so of course she knows Sam Jacobs.

Jacobs is the CEO of Pavilion, which offers community-powered learning for high-growth leaders. It’s a new kind of professional development for sales, marketing, RevOps, and success leaders of all kinds.

He also hosts the popular podcast Sales Hacker and is the author of Kind Folks Finish First

See what two successful and driven high-growth leaders have to say about what it takes to “make it” and what that even means, here on the latest episode of TalkingSense.

Why Kindness Matters to Success

Sam wrote the book to explain “certain principles about reciprocity, about giving before you get, about building relationships,” he said. “It’s not about transactions, not just to make you feel better, not just to sleep better at night, but to help you succeed professionally.”

On Being Driven and Successful

Conant asked, “One of the things I noticed in the book is you are very hard on yourself. And I was wondering, as someone who is also hard on herself, why? Is that something that successful people just need? Does that drive who we are?”

Jacobs replied: “For a lot of my career I’ve been extremely competitive, extremely ambitious, but not in a positive way. I was hard on myself because I thought that that’s what I needed in order to be successful. And it turned out that was an impediment to success. That was not an accelerant to success.”

How Do You Know When You’re “Done”?

During the conversation, Conant had this realization: “You’re grinding, you’re grinding, you’re grinding, and you think, ‘Oh, well in a year I’ll be good, I’ll be done,’” she said. “I kept thinking, ‘Oh I’ll be done. It’ll be done, it’ll be done.’ And I had this epiphany, just my personality, I’m never going to be ‘done.’ So I’ve got to enjoy the ride.”


Jacobs and Conant shared so much more about what sales leaders need to know, including why Jacobs says “There’s no more room for dumb” in sales today, and how to create conversations people will learn from.

See the whole conversation here and get started boosting your sales success.

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