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Talking About TAL: Why Your Target Account List Needs AI

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A Target Account List, or TAL, is the cornerstone of account-based sales and marketing efforts. It’s what you get when you narrow down your Ideal Customer Profile to determine how to prioritize your revenue team’s limited resources.

Companies traditionally pull together their TALs by purchasing lists and then manually prioritizing accounts based on their sales teams’ experience and knowledge.

But this approach wastes time, money, and effort … and it causes revenue teams to miss out on big opportunities.

For that, you’ll need a solution like 6sense Revenue AI™, which can:

  • Provide a data-backed list of accounts that are the right fit for your revenue team to pursue
  • Detect intent signals and notify your team when accounts are in-market
  • Use AI to determine buying stage
  • Push buying stage intelligence to your marketing and sales teams so they can target resources more effectively

Let’s take a closer look at how 6sense’s AI-powered platform can help you take your TAL to the next level.

Data-Backed ICP Creation

Whether you have already determined your ICP or you’re just getting started, 6sense helps your revenue team build it out or refine it, without any guesswork. 6sense uses AI to identify patterns among your past buyers, and then uses those insights to help you hone in on the common characteristics of current buyers.

To find more potential customers that fit your ICP, 6sense taps into:

  • Firmographic data
  • Company revenue
  • Employee count and growth
  • Industry trends
  • Location
  • Private equity investments
  • Technographic data
  • Competitors they are already using
  • Complementary tech are using

Because AI can detect patterns that are not always readily apparent, ICPs determined by 6sense are a great foundation for creating or expanding your TAL.

Intent Data Supercharges Your TAL

6sense’s AI takes your TAL a step further with intent data. Instead of just focusing on your ICP, you can work with a target list based on your in-market ideal customer profile, or IICP.

Why is this important? Your ICP tells you which accounts will make good customers and worth pursuing. But your IICP tells you which accounts are ready to buy now, meaning they should be your revenue team’s top priority. Striking when the iron is hot bypasses the need for cold calls and spray-and-pray emails, and leads to the highest odds of success.

So where does this insight come from? Intent signals.

Intent signals are behaviors like visits to your website, engagement with review sites, and non-branded and branded keyword searches. These behaviors leave a “digital breadcrumb trail” scattered across the internet that, when properly assembled and analyzed, indicates buyer intent.

6sense uses third-party partnerships and first-party data capture to gather these breadcrumbs. We then use machine learning and AI to compare intent signals to patterns seen among your past buyers. This enables you to spot who is likely to buy and their stage in their buyer’s journey.

When the intent signals indicate an account is researching solutions, you can push those accounts into audience segments that trigger omnichannel marketing sequences.

When the intent signals indicate the account is primed to buy, our technology alerts your revenue team so they can prioritize outreach.

Filling in the Data Gaps

If you’re still buying account lists, creating them through manual processes, or otherwise still transitioning from traditional approaches to tech-powered ABM, the good news is that moving over to a modern (and future-proof) approach is easy with 6sense. And you can do it without your previous efforts going to waste.

When something works, it works, and at 6sense, we don’t demand that our customers change for us. Rather, our solution is built to support your account-based efforts, whatever they may be. There’s no need to scrap TALs currently in use. Instead, 6sense’s data orchestration can be used to:

  • Optimize your TAL
  • Detect gaps or inaccuracies for accounts listed in your CRM, and
  • Fill them in with the most up-to-date and accurate information pulled from big data sources

Enriching CRM profiles with data orchestration helps your revenue teams save time, effort, and money.


The best target account lists are ones created using big data and AI-driven insights. Instead of guessing, you’ll know for sure that you’re targeting accounts that are the right fit for your business, including opportunities you might not have considered.

And because of intent data, you’ll be able to target accounts that are ready to do business with you now.

An AI-optimized TAL leads to easier, quicker wins, predictable pipeline generation, and stronger revenue growth. If you’re curious to see how many accounts should be in your TAL, check out our Target Account List Calculator.

The 6sense Team

6sense helps B2B organizations achieve predictable revenue growth by putting the power of AI, big data, and machine learning behind every member of the revenue team.

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