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Secrets to Building a Differentiated Brand Experience

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Brand is how people experience your company in every interaction, big or small. And with each one of those interactions, you have the opportunity to either build or weaken your brand. 

In an ebook we published yesterday, The Evolution of the Chief Market Officer, 6sense CMO Latané Conant reveals the very best ways to craft a knockout brand experience. At the heart of the plan is one essential piece of advice: Know. Your. Customers.

Today we’re highlighting some of the ebook’s nuggets of wisdom regarding how brand experience can set you apart.

Differentiate Your Brand With Knockout Customer Experiences

Recent Gartner research found that 64% of buyers feel like all digital experiences are the same. We think that’s because companies don’t take the time to understand who their customers are, where they are in the buying journey, what their needs are, and what they’re interested in right now.

But when companies have those buyer insights, the result is meaningful connection that leads to action. Here’s what that looks like.

The right content, at the right time

When prospects and customers seek you out, they want you to provide information that’s relevant to their individual needs. This is your opportunity for a deeper connection and trust-building. But it only works when you have the insights mentioned above. 

Harassment-free zone

Is there anything worse than visiting a website for the first time only to be slammed with form upon form, pleading for your contact information? So that, what, you can be spammed from now until eternity? No thanks. 

When you know about your customers, you don’t need to harass them with spam or forms. You just provide genuinely helpful information and get out of the way.

First foot in the door

We all want to be the first company to reach out when an ideal customer is in-market for what we’re offering. The best way to do that? By knowing where our customers are in the buying journey and whether they’re researching us or (gasp!) our competitors. 

Unlock the Whole Plan

Latane’s new ebook is full of ready-to-implement ideas for differentiating your brand through customer experience — as well as other ways marketers can take their companies to the next level. 

Download your copy now and get ready to double-down on customer experience to differentiate your brand — before everyone else catches on and starts doing it, too.

The 6sense Team

6sense helps B2B organizations achieve predictable revenue growth by putting the power of AI, big data, and machine learning behind every member of the revenue team.

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