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Save Your Reps’ Time and Effort with New 6sense Capabilities: Bulk Actions and Customizable Alerts

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As mentioned in our last article about our most recent product update, 6sense is on a mission to drive efficiency across revenue teams through powerful automation. Here are two more noteworthy capabilities from the update: Bulk Actions and Customizable Alerts

These features help sales reps prioritize important outreach tasks, and keep their focus where it matters the most.

Let’s take a closer look to see how they can save your revenue team precious time and effort.

6sense’s New ‘Bulk Actions’ Capability

Managing several accounts with multiple stakeholders while conducting manual research and outreach is time-consuming for sales reps. 6sense’s new Bulk Actions capability eliminates these pain points by enabling reps to add many contacts to email cadences with a single mouse click.

Gone are the days of reps sifting through their individual contacts and adding them to appropriate cadences — potentially omitting contacts that could benefit from timely and relevant engagement. Now, reps can prospect at scale, ensuring that contacts receive valuable content while saving reps time and effort.   

But we’ve made sure that operating at this kind of scale won’t come at the expense of content personalization and relevance. Users can select which contacts to reach based on criteria such as persona, buying stage, vertical, and title — and all outreach will be personalized accordingly.

6sense’s New ‘Customizable Alerts’ Capability

Our new Customizable Alerts technology eliminates noise and helps the revenue team focus on what matters most. Instead of sales reps receiving many account alerts that may not apply to their targets or territories, Customizable Alerts ensures they receive alerts that are relevant for them … and no more.

Administrators can control the specific intent-signal alerts that are routed to teams or individual reps. They can:

  • Select from a completely new set of customizable alert categories 
  • Include only desired alert categories
  • Choose intent signals to use within an alert category, such as specific webpages, keywords, etc.
  • And more

The Benefits

Combined, Bulk Actions and Customizable Alerts empower sales reps to properly prioritize their workloads and save lots of time in the process.

Weeks ago, it might take a rep hours to manually research and track which contacts should be added to which cadences. Now, Bulk Actions makes scalable, personalized outreach possible in a fraction of the time.

Reps can now briskly configure critical touch points across multiple accounts, personas, buying stages, and more — and then jump right into their next important task for the day.

Customizable Alerts also eliminates costly time and effort by ensuring reps’ attention go to the accounts and territories that matter. With less distractions, they can keep their laser-sharp focus on educating prospects, booking meetings, and closing deals.


Prospecting at scale with personalized outreach is critical for ABM, but you need not sacrifice one for the other with our Bulk Action feature. And with Customizable Alerts, reps can more easily manage their workloads thanks to a less noisy inbox — which translates into more time for the tasks that truly move the needle.

Contact us to learn more about our most recent product update, and to see how 6sense leverages unmatchable efficiency and actionable insights to generate predictable revenue growth.

The 6sense Team

6sense helps B2B organizations achieve predictable revenue growth by putting the power of AI, big data, and machine learning behind every member of the revenue team.

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