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Reading Buyer Readiness Signals in the Dark Funnel — What to Know

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Eventually. Someday. When the time’s right. These phrases, uttered by B2B buyers, send shivers down the spines of revenue teams. Someday isn’t helpful. We want to know exactly when a prospect is ready to buy, right?

There’s good news: Revenue teams can better understand buyers’ needs by leveraging information found in what we call the Dark Funnel™. When this anonymized buyer-intent data becomes visible, sellers can know precisely when Someday becomes Today — the right moment to engage a buyer.

We’ve recently been sharing key insights about the Dark Funnel from our new interactive ebook. This week, we’ll cover another vital form of data that often remains undetected by revenue teams: buyer readiness signals.

What are Buyer Readiness Signals?

Buyer readiness signals help reveal when organizations are ready to buy. They are often comprised of:

  • Technographics
  • Organizational performance
  • Market forces

Let’s take a quick look at each.


Technographics are the technologies buyers use to achieve their business goals. This information can reveal critical sales qualifiers, such as if a company’s tech stack is compatible with your solution. It can also reveal when a target account uses a competing solution, and when that contract is nearing its end.

Organizational Performance

Organizational performance data shows if the account’s internal business conditions might enable — even require — them to buy. It can reveal a company’s profitability, any new products it may have launched, if it’s gaining or losing market share, and much more.

Market forces

Lastly, we have external market forces, which affect a customer’s ability to buy. Perhaps new regulations are nudging a company to invest in a solution like yours. Or maybe the company is in a tailspin, preventing it from buying altogether. These cues inform when — or if — your revenue team should engage.

Check Out the Ebook

Whatever their form, buyer readiness signals enable sellers to understand if the game they’re playing with prospects is Time Will Tell or Let’s Make a Deal.

If you want to learn much more about the Dark Funnel and the game-changing intent data that can be extracted from it, check out our interactive A Deep Dive Into the Dark Funnel ebook now.

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